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Grandy’s Landing

December 4, 2011

Well, I’m Grandy to my grandchildren and live just up from the River Weaver, so I thought ‘Grandy’s Landing’ would be a pretty good name for my blog.

I’m a retired social housing manager and now write creatively when I get the chance. My output is mostly short fiction because I love the form, find I can fit it in between family duties and enjoy the freedom to genre-hop, producing everything from dark tales for adults to light tales for children of all ages. I also have a half-finished novel lying about somewhere, a thriller, which I hope to complete one day!

I shall post stories on the blog from time to time to see what readers think of them; also diary notes on this and that, whatever comes to hand and moves me really – a good book read, an event enjoyed, a chance encounter, that sort of thing. So if you should be passing this way with a few minutes to spare, do drop in at Grandy’s Landing and see what I’m up to…

You’re very welcome.


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  1. Chris Beech permalink

    Hi Dad. The site looks great! Can’t wait to read your future posts and stories. So get cracking!!

    • Thanks, Chris. Not being very IT-savvy, think I might need your technical expertise from time to time as I voyage into the blogosphere!

  2. Great to see this Paul!

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