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Talacre and ‘Rainy Dates’

January 8, 2012

Okay, here I am in romantic fiction mode again with a little poem entitled ‘Rainy Dates’, which I dreamt up wandering Talacre beach on the Point of Ayr, North Wales, in 2008.  I actually inscribed the first stanza in the sand with a razor shell as a pair of cormorants headed west beyond the lighthouse, low over waves burnished gold in the sunset.

I loved the Point of Ayr at the mouth of the Dee Estuary with its dunes and saltmarsh and wonderful birdlife.  I’d carry binoculars around my neck and delight in sighting waders and wildfowl of all sorts, occasionally a quartering raptor as well, a peregrine perhaps or a buzzard.  Often I’d drive into the hills and visit the tiny village of Llanasa, 400 feet above sea level, with its ancient parish church and pub.

The Red Lion (built c1600) is a whitewashed pub enjoying an elevated position.  Nursing a half of lager there, sitting outside at a trestle-table with sheep on the hillside and the beautiful stone-built village below, bright with daffodils or cherry blossom, silent except for the cries of moorhens and pheasants and the occasional clopping of a horse, Llanasa always seemed to me a million miles from the woes of the 20th century, a wonderful haven of peace for quiet contemplation.

My wife and I had a caravan at Talacre at the time.  Maybe we’ll have another van somewhere someday; we certainly hope so.




Cats sprawl in the sun,

Kids throw snowballs in winter,

Your eyes haunt me still.


Rainy dates long ago,

Dry white and mandolin,

Steamy breath mingling.


Echoes of the anvil,

Victorian lamplight,

Hand in hand, alone.


Scents of the earth,

Spirits on the ether,

Our shadows in timeless flight.


A kiss beneath dripping boughs,

Your smile and words so simple:

“You’ve come home.”


Haiku inscribed in the sand,

Cormorants at sunset,

Dreamy blue eyes.



© Copyright Paul Beech 2008



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  1. Thank you Paul, you make a fellow just want to take his wife there and to be sitting outside enjoying a lazy afternoon with new friends. Don’t tempt me! The Rainy Dates was great, thank you.

    • Thanks, Bud, and welcome to my blog. Our caravan was more than a holiday home to us; it was our foothold in the Principality. We had the van for nearly four years and loved every minute, especially when we had our grandchildren with us. Such a fabulous area, the Point of Ayr and Clewydian Range. We were sad when circumstances compelled us to sell. I never did spot the famous Natterjack toad of the dunes, but maybe one day…

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