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April 16, 2012

Sadly, my father died yesterday afternoon, Sunday 15th April 2012.  I was at his bedside with my brothers, my sister and other close family members.  Dad’s passing was very peaceful, in a lovely Cumbrian cottage hospital, daffodils bright in the spring sunshine, birdsong at his window.  He was aged 89 years.

Dad was a very private man, so I will say little.  He served in the Royal Air Force during the Second World War and was an electrical engineer by profession.  He met my mother in a milk bar in the Lancashire town of Farnworth during the Blitz year of 1940.  They married after the war, were always devoted, brought up a family of six (myself the eldest) and celebrated their Diamond Wedding in June 2006, just a few weeks before he lost her.

Dad was a true gentleman and a wonderful father.  We will miss him greatly but know that he and his “precious girl”, our dear Mum, are together again now, forever.

With much to attend to, and with a family wedding coming up as well, I will be unable to post again for two or three weeks.  I trust you understand.


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  1. So sorry to hear of you loss, Paul. I have heard you speak of your father and how much he meant to you. A thought that comforted me when I lost my parents within two years of each other was that we are their DNA and their aspirations and ethics, and we must pass it on. In a way, we are them, and they are alive in our cells as well as memories. Much love to you and your family at this hard time.

    • Thank you for your kind words, Angela. Dad will be very much missed by all the family. But I agree about the genetic connection – it is a comforting thought. One of my nieces gave birth to a baby boy in the small hours of yesterday morning – a happy event to balance the sad, and so the line continues…


      • It’s the cycle of life, Paul. Your parents made you the lovely man you are, and you will pass that on to all the children and grandchildren, nephews and nieces, along with memories and stories of the past.

  2. Thank you again so much, Angela. The funeral was held on Friday 20th April. Following a service at St. Mary’s Church in the gorgeous village of Eccleston, we took Dad to Chester, where he was laid to rest with his “precious sweetheart”, our dear Mum. It was a moving occasion, quite lovely, and I had a real sense of Mum and Dad’s approval.

    Yesterday I was in Cardiff for the wedding of one of my nephews. And it was wonderful to feel the exuberant happiness of the young couple, perhaps especially as they took the first dance. Surely here, I felt, was something of the happiness of that other young couple, two generations back, dancing gaily through the shrapnel of the Blitz…


  3. I am sad to hear of your father’s passing. Old age is a wonderful thing that we all should look forward to instead of contemplating an end to this demanding life we own.

    I enjoy your work; you have a mellow and soothinig tone.

    Hope to hear from you soon.


    • Thanks, Jackie.

      I was at Dad’s yesterday with my sister, looking through his stuff. And there was a strong sense of his presence, of course. We had a job to do but often our focus would slip as memories took over.

      They were good memories. Happy memories. Memories which caused us to realise all over again how lucky we and our brothers were to have had such wonderful parents as Mum and Dad. Our task was not a sombre one because we knew that Dad, like Mum before him, had passed away having led a deeply satisfying life.

      We made a little bonfire of old paperwork and, grimy with smoke, watching black flakes whirl up over our heads on the evening air, we knew how Mum and Dad would have laughed if they could have seen us now!

      Best wishes – will email you soon.


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