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January 27, 2013

Well, what a dark wet morning!  It’s hard to believe that only 24 hours ago, all was crisp and white following a fresh fall of snow.  Last week was a snowy one and I still hear the delighted giggles of grandchildren pelting me with snowballs!

In my last post, ‘Flash Fiction’, I mentioned the Prose/Poetry borderland, where the two forms meet and merge.  The following vignette may be considered micro-fiction though I posted it as a prose-poem on the Linkedin Poetry and Literature site last week.  It’s just a bit of fun really.

I wrote ‘Raymonds’ as a companion piece to ‘Pollyanna-Dubček’ (see 20th May 2012), which was itself a companion piece to ‘Granny Red’ (see 12th December 2011).  Bald “Manma” is me of course.  I have six gorgeous grandchildren and “Dumpling” is my youngest granddaughter.

Hope you like it.




Manma kneels at the big window.  Dumpling dances in glee.  Outside it is snowing.  Heavily.

Her red boots pound his knees.

The bald man grins and groans.

The blonde tot, his granddaughter, giggles and nibbles Raymonds from a bowl.  She loves Raymonds – raisins, to you and I.

A dove flies in circles through the flurry, white on white.  More gleeful dancing, red boots pounding; more grins and groans.

A thrush drops from the laurel to take a crumbled muffin from the snowy lawn.  More dancing, boots pounding; more grins and groans.

“Easy, Dumpling,” he says.

“More Raymonds,” says she.  “More Raymonds, Manma…plee-eeze.”




© Copyright Paul Beech 2013

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