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Light and Shade

January 12, 2014

Well, we have to experiment a bit, don’t we?  We have to push the boundaries, both in form and content, to develop as writers and avoid becoming stale and samey.  My first poem below I think of as a reconfigured triple-haiku, my second as a renegade triolet!  My first I think of as brightness in the night, my second as darkness in the day: light and shade.  I’ve juxtaposed them for contrast.  Whether this works, I’ll leave you to judge… 





A silvered bay, calm.


The moon shines in his window,

coolly observant:

detritus on desk,

scribbled blotter ivory,

coffee-cup rings brown…


The poet lives on,

passion and pain aquiver

in pearly moondust.





An old sheep farm in the valley, rooves low;

six generations raised here, shepherds all

save one.


Once, a lamb ran blind, eyes plucked by a crow;

an old sheep farm in the valley, rooves low.


A quiet lad, the lamb’s cry disturbed so;

scribble-mad, from flock to verse was his fall.


An old sheep farm in the valley, rooves low;

six generations raised here, shepherds all

save one…



Copyright © Paul Beech 2014

(Both poems recently posted on Linkedin.)


From → Poetry

  1. I really loved moon dust.
    It’s beautiful

  2. Thanks, Ann, much appreciated. ‘Moondust’ is one of my own favourites. I had the idea upon entering my study one night to find a full moon shining in. I was reminded of Dylan Thomas’ writing shed at Laugharne overlooking the Taf estuary, which I visited many years ago. It was here he wrote ‘Under Milk Wood’, and his presence seemed to hover in the air…

    Best wishes,


  3. Lovely poems Paul. It amazes me that so few words can bring many thoughts to mind.

    • Dear Pat, welcome to my blog. With short poems, my aim is to leave the reader pondering over the bigger picture, and I’m thrilled you’ve picked up on this.
      I look forward to reading more of your brief memoirs on ‘The Writer’s Desk’.

      Very best wishes,


      • I do write poetry, however I do not consider myself a poet. I am not good enough. I write from the heart and what I am feeling at the time. Therefore I do not post it as much of it is considered prose, I think. I did however post a poem Angel Dear on my blog today which was published by Gerl Publishing many years ago. You might enjoy it. I would appreciate you comment on it.

  4. Dear Pat, your beautiful poem about the loss of a child is deeply moving and I hope it will be read by parents the world over. I’ve commented on your blog.



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