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February 9, 2014

Hi Folks,

One of these days I’ll surprise you with a long poem…but not today.

There are long poems that send me into raptures, but I do have a fondness for shorties – reading them (William Carlos Williams’s ‘This Is Just To Say’, Ruth Fainlight’s ‘Handbag’, Paul Celan’s ‘Thread suns’), and writing them.

As with flash fiction, so with poetry: my aim is to convey the essence of a human story in a brief span of words.  Or a prescribed number of syllables.  Whether I succeed or not is another matter!

Here are three of my latest.  Yep, there’s a common theme! 

Have a great Sunday.



A cinquain, just 22 syllables but each charged with love – for my wonderful dad who passed away in April 2012.  Missing you.




“My word,

you’ve got big feet!”

So you’d greet me grinning;

grip and kiss my hand on parting.

Cheers, Dad.



A triolet next.  I’d like to think my character’s story will end happily.  How wonderful if he should someday meet again the daughter he saw just once, as a baby, and has dreamt about ever since.  Of course she’ll be a mature woman now.




A stocky bloke hobbling, housemaid’s knee;

a bit of swirly cirrus in his eye.

Glimpsed but once, a lifetime lost is she.


A stocky bloke hobbling, housemaid’s knee;

a rum ‘un with the lassies once was he.

Kneeling in pain for his daughter, deep sigh.


A stocky bloke hobbling, housemaid’s knee;

a bit of swirly cirrus in his eye…



And finally a paired-haiku, one that came to me after a friend’s sofa bed tipped up and threw me out!




Shadows dance and kiss,

dreams enacted on a drape,

lamp-lit love at dawn.


Shadows dance and kiss,

meld and merge becoming one,

sun-bright lost I’ll mourn.



Copyright © Paul Beech 2014

(Poems previously posted on Linkedin.)

From → Poetry

  1. Angela permalink

    Love these. What a chuckle I had reading Rituals!

  2. Thanks Angela. We’ll never forget Dad’s sense of humour, will we? How he’d have us in stitches with his quips! Such warm memories…

    Paul xx

  3. Hey Paul – nice to visit you! I love reading your poems. “Rituals” had especially touched me. Look forward to reading more works! 🙂

  4. Hey Leslye, I’m totally chuffed you’ve found me here! I love your work too, your San Francisco poems, of course, but much else besides. ‘Yellow Tulips’, about your late-grandma, lingers particularly, such a beautiful, poignant poem it is.

    Thanks for dropping by. Please call again soon.

    Yours, Paul

  5. Beautiful. I love this piece. Kind regards. Ann Rowlinson

  6. Dear Ann, so lovely to hear from you again. Let me guess – was it ‘Rituals’ you liked? Someday, I’ll write more about my mum and dad. Hope your own work is going well.

    Take care,


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