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Mood Swings

May 18, 2014

I’m hoping to self-publish a poetry and flash fiction chapbook in the not-too-distant future, and a title I’m considering is ‘Mood Swings’ – you’ll see why below!


I love my stretch of the Weaver Valley in all weathers, even when veiled in mist as it was one evening, at dusk, as I paced the rough path over the top.  I fancied I could hear the strains of a wistful melody and woke next morning with a poem demanding to be written, a triple-haiku of sorts…



Grey, the chill wind blows,

your gentle hand lingering warm,

so long though it’s been.


Grey, the old bell tolls,

your moistened lips quivering thrill,

so long though it’s been.


Grey, the valley dusk falls,

your blue eyes dreamy, haunting still,

so long though it’s been.


Now for something a little more cheery, though it was written with rain pelting my study window, a cinquain…



Her fence

ivy strangled,

she wrecked her nails snipping

until along he came skipping,

her mate.


Have a great Sunday, everyone.


Copyright © Paul Beech 2014

(Poems posted on Linkedin)

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  1. Hey Paul – sorry it has been long since my last visit – I have a bit of reading to catch up on. I enjoyed reading your Triple Haiku and Cinquain. To me, the Haiku’s speak of sweet moments once experienced but the third line always brings it back to reality that it has been a long time since those sweet moments experienced with a once dear significant other.
    I hope to hear more about the chapbook you’re hoping to publish in the future.

  2. Hey, Leslye – what a lovely and perceptive comment, thank you. Funny, isn’t it, how sometimes the distant past seems only a whisker away?

    I’d like to bring out a flash fiction/poetry chapbook in the next year or two, when some of the stories still in my head are on paper and I’ve enough quality material to make a decent selection. I enjoy public reading and it’ll be good to have a chapbook to sell at events.

    I hope the AVM Awareness Walk in San Francisco went well and your poetry is in full flow. We must catch up soon.

    Take care,


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