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Ah, Coreen…

August 10, 2014

Here’s another story of exactly 100 words, a “drabble”.

As a social housing manager, the work that mattered to me most was helping the homeless, especially women fleeing violence.  What always staggered me was the tenacity and ingenuity of abusers in pursuit.  Will there ever come a day when sickening, despicable domestic violence will be a thing of the past?  I’d like to think so, but…

I read this speculative fiction story at a Northwich LitFest event in June.  Afterwards a number of us repaired to the pub.  And it was arising from our lively chat that a blog was subsequently set up to showcase the rich variety of work produced by members and guests of BLAZE, a Mid-Cheshire stanza of the Poetry Society.  Our brilliant Northwich poet Angela Topping is the Poetry Editor and I’m the Flash Fiction Editor.

If you’d care to visit us at Blaze Blog, hooray! (

Have a great Sunday, everyone.



Paul Beech


She’s been here a year now, a whole blessed year without Aubrey appearing, knobbly knuckles white.  “Ah, Coreen, I’ve been waiting for you…”

The artificial rainforest is a steamy haven for giant butterflies, colourful birds and abused women.  Only women fleeing the most doggedly pursuing abusers are teleported here.

Returning to camp, she finds a new woman sitting at the foot of the waterfall – a raw-boned, transgendered woman, knobbly knuckles white.

“Ah, Coreen, I’ve been waiting for you…”

From behind the waterfall, step three naked, glistening Amazons, bearing spears.

In unison: “Ah, Aubrey, we’ve been waiting for you too…”


Copyright © Paul Beech 2014

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