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From Echoey Tunnels…

October 12, 2014

Yesterday evening, in the gathering dusk, I took a walk beside the Weaver. The river was quite still and black as pitch except for green duckweed against the banks.  Gaunt rose the salt mine tower upstream.  And my Size 12s swished as I swung them through deep drifts of fallen leaf.  It was eerie, as you can imagine.  So returning up the valley-side, passing through a pair of echoey tunnels, I recited a couple of my recent poems – ‘Swallow’ as I came through the first, ‘Desire’ as I came through the second…


‘Swallow’ came to me at a friend’s following a cloudburst, as I gazed down her long wet lawn to the dripping trees beyond. I knew that swallows migrate to Africa in autumn.  I also knew that out-of-season holiday makers are often known as “swallows” abroad, at resorts still sunny late in the year…




Parasol high

in dripping greenery,

bedraggled but proud she steps,

a beauty in her day.


Parasol high

against the desert sun,

glistening but proud she steps,

a “swallow” come this way.


Paul Beech


And ‘Desire’ arose from a visit to the Jodrell Bank Observatory, with its huge Lovell Telescope and other radio telescopes watching the heavens… Work that one out!




Bees on lavender:

In ultraviolet

They perceive desire.


A forked-tongue flickers:

In infrared

The snake perceives a secret.


Hand in hand,

The couple slip by,

Urgently in need…


Paul Beech


Have a good Sunday, everyone.


Copyright © Paul Beech 2014

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  1. Maureen Weldon permalink


    On reading both these poems, “SWALLOW” and “DESIRE” both poems have something in common perhaps, apart from this poet’s lovely use of language, there is a beautiful woman in “SWALLOW” a couple in “DESIRE”
    Thank you Paul, I love your work.


    • Maureen, thank you, your every comment matters to me so much. I love your work too, such a wonderful poet you are. Good Luck at the forthcoming Terra Poetica festival in Kiev. I look forward to the launch of your new pamphlet, ‘Midnight Robin’, in November.

      Yours always,


  2. Paul, again the beauty of your thought’s spring fourth. It always amazes me, the beautiful way your feelings and words meld into something so meaningful. I also know that feeling when out of the blue the smallest thing will touch your soul and the beauty just pours forth. Swallow, and Desire have touched my soul. Thank you. :o) Have a wonderful Sunday.

    • Pat, your generous comment fills me with joy – thank you. You’re an amazing writer yourself and I love ‘The Writer’s Desk’, your blog. Your poetry is always uplifting. And reading your prose, I believe I can hear your voice, such a good storyteller you are.

      Fond regards always,


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