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Guest Blog – ‘Rhydymwyn’ by Maureen Weldon

October 19, 2014


Today I am delighted to post a first guest blog on Grandy’s Landing. And for my first guest, who better than my good friend, the award-winning poet Maureen Weldon.

I got to know Maureen in 2011 through BLAZE, a poetry group in my hometown Northwich in Cheshire. From the very first, I was blown away by her work, which has a flavour all its own, and by her compelling style in performance. Never have I known a poet hold an audience so well.

This might well be explained by the fact that Maureen, who is Irish, now living on Deeside, North Wales, was for many years a professional ballet dancer and worked with the Irish Theatre Ballet under the remarkable choreographer and ballet company director Joan Denise Moriarty (1912? – 1992).

Widely published, with work translated into several languages and read on the radio, Maureen will be bringing out her new pamphlet Midnight Robin in November.

Today she is travelling to Kiev in the Ukraine to represent Wales at the international poetry festival Terra Poetica, where she will be reading and jointly conducting a masterclass.

My very best to you in Kiev, Maureen, and may the festival enjoy much success.

Guest Blog

A couple of years ago I went on a workshop to this extraordinary place, a place never to be forgotten…


Yesterday was a walking day,
in a Welsh Valley – whispers
past an ice age.
‘Invited guests only,’ we were told.
Like sharing dreams
we wandered to the wetland
where teasel flowers live;
nesting boxes for sand martins;
big sandy cylinders on poles;
a sort of porch, an extension on the edge.

Yesterday was a walking day,
in the Welsh Valley.
‘Hush, hush’ World War Two:
the making of mustard gas,
bombs, and the nearly splitting of the atom.
Hush, hush bats live there now
in the high tower laboratory.

Yesterday was a walking day,
in that Welsh Valley.
It was Autumn.
Being so old, yet young,
the sun dipped and dyed
colours on the trees. Wind
made a slight rustle, round a sleeping Ash.
Yes the trees remember, remember.

Maureen Weldon

Copyright © Maureen Weldon
[First published Crannog Poetry Journal, Eire]


Introduction – Copyright © Paul Beech 2014

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  1. Paul, great guest blog. It is wonderful to read the thoughts and words of someone so accomplished. The best part is “I get It.” For me the walking path speaks volumes. The creatures, paths, trees and the sun that burst fourth will always remember.
    I always look forward to my visits here because I know there will always be something wonderful to read and ignite my imagination. Well done Paul. Thank you for another pleasant Sunday read.

    Best Regards


  2. Dear Pat, thank you so much for this. Yes, with Maureen’s poetry, we do “get it”, truly “get it”: we understand and we feel. This is not just a Welsh Valley but THE Welsh Valley, THAT Welsh Valley, Rhydymwyn near Mold, innocent-seeming now, a nature reserve, but still aquiver with dark memories from the war, when secretly in use for the production of dreadful weapons, and scientific research towards even worse, much worse… In Maureen’s poetry, every syllable is charged with meaning, every pause too, and we are held in her spell to the very last line, and beyond…

    I’m so glad you enjoy my blog; I get a lot out of yours too.

    Fond regards,


    • Maureen Weldon permalink

      Thank you Paul for publishing my poem Rhydymwyn on your Guest Blog and I am delighted to be the first poet to be published on this site.
      Thank you Patricia Salemone for the kind things you said about my poem.

      All best wishes,


      • You are most welcome Maureen, but it is I who should be thanking you. I was born during WWII and grew up in a wonderful era. I do not possess the same capacity for poetry that you and Paul do, however that will never stop me from enjoying words that take me back to an era that I hold dear to my heart. Poetry that touches my soul.



  3. Maureen, it was an honour to publish you here.

    I’m delighted that Terra Poetica was such a roaring success and you had such a marvellous time. Gosh, you were busy, weren’t you! All those readings to huge audiences, the masterclasses, judging the poems with Dmytro, the press conference… I knew they’d love you in the Ukraine and I’m pleased you made so many wonderful new poet friends.

    Looking forward to your ‘Midnight Robin’ launch next month.

    Yours always,


  4. Maureen Weldon permalink

    Thank you Paul. Yes Ukraine was amazing, I still feel a wee part of me is still there with those wonderful people. I have been invited to go back there next year, this time a Theatre Festival, mind a year is a long time!
    At the minute life is very busy, with more readings coming up, in fact this Monday I shall be reading with nine other poets in Alexander’s, Chester and on Sunday 10th at the same venue a special WW1 evening. Then on 15th November my book launch of “Midnight Robin” of which you Paul will be reading one of my poems.
    Wow life is a busy thing, but I would not have it any other way!


  5. Dear Maureen,

    I know you loved the Ukrainian people, as they took you to their hearts too, and it’s wonderful you’ve been invited back for the Theatre Festival next year.

    I’ll join you for the WWI event next Sunday and will of course be very proud to read your lovely poem ‘Watching the Feather’ at your book launch on the 15th.

    As for the pace of your poetic life, wow indeed! I feel quite breathless just hearing about it. All power to you!

    Yours ever,


  6. Pixie Pearl permalink

    I rather enjoy reading yours and Paul’s posts. His website has bought a new insight in life for me. Reading his poems and life stories, I am sure you agree with me Maureen. As you are forever singing his, well deserved, praised.
    Pixie Pearl🍑

    • So glad my work has meaning for you, Pixie. Maureen’s ‘Rhydymwyn’ is a marvellous poem and I’m grateful to her for the guest post.

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