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January 18, 2015

I remember well the writing of this poem last October, the imperative of capturing the moon and mood that very night, before a long journey south the following day…


Tawny toot and fox bark;
a waxing moon
silvers the sleeping street,
the slated rooftops,
the war memorial,
and spears my heart
as I search the cosmos
for a glimpse of you,
my beloved.

Down the moonlit valley
I hear it again,
the weird music of a breeze
blowing through a rusty gate:
our music,
my beloved.

Paul Beech

Copyright © Paul Beech 2014


From → Poetry

  1. How sweet Paul. I am sure every woman would love to have her man write a poem like that for her. You have the ability to look into a woman’s heart and soul and make her spirit soar.
    So romantic. Well done. Kudos.

    Fond Regards,


  2. Dear Pat, such a lovely comment; you’ve brightened my day, as always. The sky may be leaden, more sleet on the way. But now I spot a pair of robins bobbing along a fence, and laugh!

    Thank you,


  3. Maureen Weldon permalink

    “The weird music of a breeze / blowing through a rusty gate” Paul, It is indeed a lovely heart-felt and descriptive poem.


    • Maureen, I’m so pleased you like this one. It really was heartfelt, as you say. Thank you for understanding.

      Yours always,


  4. A beautiful poem, Paul. Full of wonderful visual words 🙂

  5. Beautiful poem, I felt like I was there,
    Thought I’d take a peek at your work
    Glad I did
    Kind regards
    Ann Rowlinson

    • Dear Ann, so good to hear from you again. I’m delighted you like my work. I’ve never forgotten your pamphlet ‘Shoreline’, which I reviewed in January 2014, having read it over the festive season. Now here we are, Christmas just around the corner, nearly two years later!

      How things change. I’m no longer Northwich-based. I’m living with my new partner Maureen in Shotton, just over the Welsh border from Chester. Maureen Weldon is a former dancer with the Irish Theatre Ballet, now a widely-published poet. Although Irish, she represented Wales at Terra Poetica, the international poetry festival held in the Ukraine in October 2014. We read together at many public events and both have work included in ‘Lark Skies – a celebration of WW1 poets’, a Chester Poets anthology published by Cestrian Press this year.

      I hope your own writing is going well.

      Wishing you a very happy Christmas and New Year,


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