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The Walk

February 15, 2015

Yesterday, with several friends from Chester Poets, Maureen Weldon and I took part in a Valentine’s Day poetry event at Bebington Library on the Wirral. Similar events were hosted at several libraries on the Wirral with Chester Poets and others participating. ‘We Love Poetry’ workshops for children were followed by poetry readings.

Maureen and I greatly enjoyed the reading we took part in, then had a lovely lunch with poet-friends at a local pub.

I read four of my own poems. Here is one of them:


Beneath the rock-wall,
we walk in the dark,
the perishing dark,
together now.

Beside the broad river,
cormorants glimpsed but briefly,
we walk in the dark,
the perishing dark,
together now.

the warmth of your hand in mine,
the warmth of your breath,
the taste of your kiss,
lip-gloss creamy.

From the greater part of our lives
to the glorious part,
we walk in the dark,
the perishing dark,
together now.

Paul Beech

Copyright © Paul Beech 2015


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  1. This is a simple love poem, Paul, (the best kind of love poem!) and very particular in its imagery and context, but it rises out of the particular to the universal with that haunting “we walk in the dark,/the perishing dark”. So much is carried in those wonderful lines. Truly enjoyable.

    • Cynthia, I’m delighted you enjoyed ‘The Walk’ as it truly was written from the heart. And yes, I did hope the lines you quote would be meaningful to many.

      A most thoughtful comment, as yours always are – thank you,


  2. Maureen Weldon permalink

    THE WALK is a beautiful and tender love poem. Paul with his lovely voice read it so well at Bebington Library on Saturday 14th February 2015.


    Maureen Weldon

    • Maureen, what a lovely Valentine’s event it was. I shall never forget your reading. You really do have something special, and you wowed the audience as always.

      As for my reading of ‘The Walk’, I’m just so very happy you liked it.



  3. I can almost hear you recite your poem Paul. There are times when we walk in the dark, the perishing dark and if you are with the right person it can be a memorable walk. I love the fact that they caught a glimpse of the cormorants, it adds to the love. Well done, wish I could have been there.

    Warm Regards,


    • Dear Pat, you are right: it was an unforgettable walk for that very reason, the cormorants glimpsed in silhouette a special delight. So glad you like my poem and wish you could have been at the reading. Hope you had a happy Valentine’s Day anyway.

      Fond regards,


  4. Pixie Pearl permalink

    Again you and Maureen have so passionately shared your thoughts in a simple post. Other posters have magical words however, as I’m sure you will agree, your words and Maureen’s can bury into the depths of my soul.
    Pixie Pearl 🍑

  5. Pixie Pearl permalink

    Maybe it is just my conscious but am i right in thinking Maureen, your most romantic poster, is the subject of this poem: creamy taste of lipgloss kiss, the warmth of her hand- her breath.
    Are you together now.
    Pixie Pearl🍑

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