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Twenty To…

March 8, 2015

This one came to me at an early hour when I hadn’t a scrap of paper to write it down on. I was afraid of losing it but then a pad was passed to me. When done, the words pinned down, I found that another poem had been produced in the next room. Her eyes shone, maybe mine did too, as we read our poems to each other knowing this was a moment so special we’d remember it all our lives.

Have a great Sunday, everyone.


First light,
oval shapes dimly revealed –
your dressing table mirror,
your trilbies jauntily propped,
your silver locket of love.

Over your creamy shoulder,
an oval clock on the wall.
Its fingers are a smudge in the shadows
but I’m sure they read twenty to,
always twenty to –
twenty to six, maybe?

Twenty to,
mustn’t wake you,
mustn’t wake you,
mustn’t wake you…

The clatter of a wagon
unloading in the street below.
The breeze on your lips
becomes a popple,
then a sigh,
and you turn with a sleepy smile
on your beautiful oval face.

When next we emerge
snow is falling from a clear blue sky.
“Would you ever make me a cup of tea,
my darling?”

It is twenty to, always twenty to.

I go to the kitchen.

Paul Beech

Copyright © Paul Beech 2014

From → Poetry

  1. Paul, I could learn a lot from you. A small term, a few small moments could be so immense and so rich. Beautiful!
    Greetings from Columbia, Lita.

    • Lita, great to hear from you as always. ‘Twenty To…’ was an attempt to convey that sense of heightened awareness and joy so characteristic of love, and to do so in a way that would come over well in performance. I enjoy reading my work at events these days.

      Hope your own writing is going well.



  2. Maureen Weldon permalink

    Paul, this poem I love, both the special sentiment it conveys and the style of your writing.



  3. Pixie Pearl permalink

    I see Maureen is a inspiration to us all. Typing such moving comments. And you, Paul, replying in a beautiful however indescribable manner. The poem may be described in similar ways.
    Pixie Pearl🍑

    • Hi Pixie, Maureen is a widely published, prize-winning poet. An inspiration – YES!
      Thank you,

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