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Not for the Squeamish…

June 27, 2015


My God, he thought, what is it?  Oh, it’s my foot; the rats have been at it.

Alone in the cabin, Muirhead showed great courage that morning, his warm blood spattering the snowy pane as he worked.  He always knew the antique amputation kit would come in handy one day.



Kissing to birdsong

in the ancient forest,

dreams of old we share


Copyright © Paul Beech 2015

  1. Wow! What a great start. Please tell me it is a book you are writing, or have written. If so I do want to read more, even though it is a bit gory.

    The Haiku you write is always beautiful Paul. You conjure up many thoughts in so few words. You are very good at bringing flowing thoughts to the forefront of the mind. It leaves me wanting more though.

    Hope all is well, have not heard from you in some time. I am not getting notices from LI, I hear others are having the same problem. Thank goodness for Word Press. :o)

    Take care Paul, I will keep watching for your post’s.

    Fond Regards,


  2. An antique amputation kit? I think you have a gift for the macabre, Paul!

    The haiku is just lovely.

    • Hi Cynthia,

      A gift for the macabre, eh? Well, it’s certainly true that my short fiction occasionally veers in that direction! Of course, as a reader, I love the work of Robert Aickman, Algernon Blackwood, Arthur Machen and other masters of the genre, not to mention the spooky tales of Robert Westall, the late, great children’s author, whom I knew in the mid-80s, when he ran an antiques shop down the road from me.

      So glad you like my haiku too.



  3. Hi Pat,

    I’m fine, thanks, in a new relationship and living in Wales now, just across the border from Chester.

    It was whilst packing for the move that I came across a scrawled draft of ‘A Rude Awakening’ written thirty-odd years ago and forgotten. It’s just a micro-fiction story, but one of my very darkest, and I shall read it (along with other suitable offerings) at a forthcoming horror fiction event.

    The haiku is one of several I’ve written recently and reflects my happy heart.

    I still follow ‘The Writer’s Desk’, of course, and enjoy your every post.

    Will be in touch.


    • So happy for you. I am sure your new partner is wonderful. I hope you are enjoying your new digs :o)….I have been busy of late and have not posted to much on my blog, and am getting ready to visit my family in New York in July. I am also taking my granddaughter that lives here in Florida so she can visit with her cousins, all the children are excited about visiting with each other. You can imagine the joy that is going on here.

      Hopefully I will try to post something before I leave. If not I will post when I return. We have my birthday on Monday, my new granddaughter Madison’s on July 3rd., she will be one and is now walking and trying to keep up with her sister, she is also finding out that she can now voice an opinion with the word No…..We will celebrate her birthday and then shortly thereafter we leave for New York.

      I did have a short story selected and published in a new book that came out in May; ” A Quick Read ” compiled by C.A. Simonson they are one minute stories, and are quite interesting, some are very good. My contribution to the book is ” Getting Old ” My son said.
      “Wow Mom, this one is deep.”

      I won’t keep you any longer but look forward to reading your post’s after you are all settled in.

      Best to you and your new partner (are you giving out names.) :o)

      Talk to you soon, take care.



      • Pat,

        Many Happy Returns for Monday, and Happy Birthday too for little Madison on 3rd July – she sounds adorable.

        Congratulations on publication of your one-minute story ‘’Getting Old’ – I’d love to read it.

        And a big thank you for your good wishes – my new partner is called Maureen, and we are very happy in our little Welsh home.

        Have a wonderful time with your family in New York, and do please post about it on your return.

        Take care,


  4. Hi Paul – I like how “A Rude Awakening” is subtle and yet to the point.

    Your haiku is sweet. It can be a challenge for a short poetic form to have a lot of thought and meaning, but you certainly captured that in your haiku.


    • Hi Lita – good to hear from you as always. Thank you for the lovely, thoughtful comment – it means a lot to me. Hope your own writing is going well.

      Take care,


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