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On the Night of the Full Moon

July 5, 2015

Last week, on the night of the full moon, I was one of two ‘Poets of the Month’ at First Thursday, Linghams Booksellers, Heswall.  This was something of a milestone for me because although I’d often been an open mic reader, this was my first ever guest spot, and I was thrilled it should be at such a wonderful venue.

The evening was compered by John Curry with live music provided by Keith Parkins (saxophone) and John Bailey (guitar).’Picture of the Month’ was presented by Peter Davies, ‘Poem of the Month’ by Barry Woods and ‘Item’ by Alan Gaunt, who spoke brilliantly on the life and work of the World War II Welsh poet Alun Lewis.

As ‘Poets of the Month’ Oisin Power and I had ten minutes each.  Oisin, who went first, is a gifted young poet of Irish origin and I liked his reading very much.  When my time came, I thoroughly enjoyed it, having been well rehearsed by my partner, the poet Maureen Weldon.

It was a great evening altogether, an evening full of colour and bounce.  And of course a happy one for me personally as my work seemed to go down well with the audience.  To be sure, I shall never forget the night of the full moon!

Thank you John Curry and Alan Gaunt for inviting me to read.

Copyright © Paul Beech 2015


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  1. That’s wonderful, Paul! Congratulations to you. 🙂

    • Dear Lita, thank you so much. Next Saturday I’ll be reading at an arts festival, so I’d better get rehearsing again!

      Hope you’re enjoying the summer sun Stateside, as I am here.

      Take care,


  2. I’m glad you had a wonderful night. I have never done open mic, but I can imagine it is very powerful in expressing poetry and stories 🙂

    • Hi Donna. Reading to live audiences is exciting and helps get your name known. Nothing quite like it when you receive strong applause with a few whoops thrown in! My partner and I read at the Wirral Festival of Firsts (Hoylake) on Saturday and Voicebox (Wrexham) last night – great events, both of them, in different ways. Mostly I read poetry but last night the theme was Horror and I enjoyed reading flash fiction to a young audience. Bet you’d have enjoyed it too!



      • Hi Paul. Wow, the horror night sounded amazing…that would have been up my street 🙂 I bet it does get your name known – people don’t forget good work that strikes a chord with them. I hope you and your partner had a good evening 🙂 Thanks. Donna

  3. Donna, you’d have loved it, as we did. Relaxed, welcoming atmosphere. Young, appreciative audience. And a great compere in Tim Humphreys-Jones.

    Tim launched his dark poetry collection ‘The Rorschach’ at the event, and Maureen and I bought a signed copy, which I’m sure we’ll enjoy.



  4. It sounds like it was a great gig!

    warm regards,


    • Thanks Alan,

      Yes, my first guest reading: it went well and I was promised a full 20 minutes next time. I’ve been doing a few new things recently and tonight (10 August) will be taking part in a Welsh video project – should be fun!

      All good wishes,


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