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Rounding off July – Haiku

July 31, 2015

You’re right, I haven’t been posting as often recently – I’m sorry.  Writing I am, very much so.  It’s just that some of the work is for specific projects (e.g. a piece included in a book about First World War poets to be published this autumn) whilst other stuff is held for submission to magazines requiring unpublished material.  In between longer pieces, I love to scribble haiku – they’re such fun to do!  And I thought I’d round off the month of July by posting a few here.  Hope you like them.


Ecliptic gloom –

upraised lenses flash gold

sudden wings racing


A cascade of coins

from his old glasses case –

he rarely has notes


Gently atinkle

the wind-chimes of memory

soothe the grieving heart


Beneath tree a pheasant,

beyond field Red Arrows take off –

she hugs my arm


Poets we are

busy with brush and squeezy-mop –

two lines by moonlight


Copyright © Paul Beech 2015


From → Poetry

  1. Beautiful Paul. You sound like it’s love, and it’s pouring out of you. :o) More please.

    I hope you are enjoying your summer.


    Patricia xo

    • Dear Pat, lovely to hear from you as always. Ah, haiku… how much there is beyond the words in haiku…

      I hope you are enjoying your summer too.

      Take care,

      Paul x

  2. Really beautiful Paul – a gentle quality to your writing. I have un-followed and re-followed your blog, as your posts haven’t been loading into my reader.

    • Dear Mary, I’m delighted you like my haiku. I’ve started writing haibun too, prose married to haiku, a form I like very much. My latest, ‘The Wolf’s Den’, is not exactly gentle though!

      Love your blog – stunning artwork. Hope my blog behaves itself for you in future.

      Have a good weekend,


      • Thank you Paul and best to you for a lovely weekend.

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