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Village After Rain

August 23, 2015

The Wirral Festival of Firsts 2015 (27 June – 12 July) included a Poetry Trail with work in Hoylake shop windows.  Maureen and I read with Chester Poets and had poems displayed on the trail.  Readings recorded by Vintage Radio have been broadcast on their Poetry Roundup programme over the last few weeks, and it was a novel experience for me to hear myself on the air!

Below is one of my poems from the trail.

Have a great Sunday, everyone.




Cowering from the downpour,

the village holds its breath.

Gullies gurgle full-bore,

Friesians belch in the shippen;

otherwise all is silence.

Pint-pots in hand,

sawdust underfoot,

the saloon-bar regulars make a sorry tableau.


Now comes a spider with bright legs

to straddle the valley.  Doors open

and the village breathes again.

Friesian methane mingles

with the tang of the earth…


Don’t anyone strike a match!


Paul Beech


Copyright © Paul Beech 2015


From → Poetry

  1. Love that surprise ending!

    • Thanks, Cynthia. I had in mind a little Welsh village of my distant past. Down the hill was a pub where there really was sawdust on the floor…



  2. Love the poem, and now you were on the RADIO wow. There is a happiness in your writing :o),

    • Thanks, Pat, so glad you like the poem. After many years of writing, it’s gratifying that I’m beginning to be recognised on the local circuit. Maureen and I have quite a few gigs coming up including the launch of an anthology we’ve both contributed to called ‘Lark Skies – a celebration of WWI poets’.

      I much appreciate your friendship and support and hope your own writing is going well.

      Fond regards,


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