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Tomorrow, the Equinox…

September 22, 2015

Tomorrow the Autumn Equinox will mark the official start of that season, so I thought that today I’d post a few of my shorter poems written over the summer.  Well, it’s been a memorable summer for me…

Hope you like them.




Yesterday we sat outside a café.

Bunting danced behind our necks.

I drew closer,

made myself into a windbreak for her.

And chuckle she did, with her eyes.


My cappuccino was delicious

or maybe it wasn’t:

I don’t know, don’t care.

Her eyes chuckled

and gaily the bunting danced.





balletic still,

she sweeps down the passage,

he chasing with golden guitar





Two cats jittery indoors:

Ray sprays in a corner,

Tess drags her fur in fear.

They miss their mum.


Snores beneath loggia outside,

happy dreams of blossoming love.

Ants swarm over a fallen book

and up a hairy leg.




wind becoming storm

we cross the white cliff blindly –

leaping waves bite chalk


Copyright © Paul Beech 2015

From → Poetry

  1. Beautiful Paul. Love is a magical force. It can make our hearts sing and the joy burst fourth. :o)

    • Dear Pat, with the early morning sky streaked pink and blue, I reflect on your lovely words.

      Thank you. Take care,


  2. All’s right with the world….

    • Thank you, dear Cynthia. Such a lovely sentiment. In the tranquillity of the Memorial Garden at Llanasa, I fervently wish the whole world knew such peace and happiness.

      Fond regards,


  3. What a great idea, to reflect the length of your poetry according to seasonal change 🙂 Some lovely poetry…I love the short, crisp Haiku…stunning 🙂

    • Hi Donna, I’m delighted you like this sampling of my shorter poems from the past summer. As for haiku, I feel I’m gradually becoming more proficient but doubt I’ll ever become a true master, a haijin. I’ve started writing haibun (prose married to haiku) and feel the form suits me well.

      If you’d like to hear me read along with my partner Maureen, tune in to Poetry Roundup on Vintage Radio this afterneen, 30th September, 2 – 4pm. Vintage is a community radio station broadcasting on the internet at

      Good luck with your own writing – I always enjoy visiting ‘a little bird tweets’.

      My very best,


      • Hi Paul. The Haiku is s wonderful art form isn’t it 🙂 I have never heard of Haibun but I am intrigued to find out more – so I shall conduct a google search shortly. You write the forms very well. I really do believe that the shorter writing forms help fine-tune a writer, because every word has to count. I will try to tune in to your radio station. I am at work today, but I may be able to have a listen whilst I do some number crunching at my desk 🙂 Thank you for sharing, snd for your ever-inspirational comments. Have a splendid day and enjoy the radio show later. Best Wishes.

  4. Hi Donna,

    Yes, haiku are fun to write but exacting too, with not only every word having to count but also the spaces between! I also write cinquains (an American form), triolets (French), and have just written my first tanka (Japanese). All good for fine-tuning a writer, as you say.

    Hope our live radio show didn’t wreck the number-crunching yesterday! Maureen is an experienced radio performer but it was my first time in a studio. I enjoyed it hugely and think our poems and chosen music worked well.

    We’re very busy here – tomorrow reading at a Poetry Kit Festival event on the Wirral; Saturday reading at the Apple Festival near Wrexham. Will have to get some preparation done today!

    Take care and enjoy your writing,


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