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A Busy One…

October 5, 2015

My goodness, it was a busy one, last week, for Maureen and I.  Busy but richly rewarding…


TUESDAY – Heswall:  A brilliant poetry reading given by our friends David Costello and George Horsman.

WEDNESDAY – Birkenhead:  We were the guest poets on Vintage Radio’s live Poetry Roundup programme presented by Kemal Houghton and Paul George Harris.  We each read eight of our poems and selected four pieces of music.  Maureen is an experienced radio performer but it was my first time in a studio.  Very exciting!  The funniest thing was when a phone call came through whilst we were on air – Kemal had to take it under the desk!

FRIDAY – Heswall:  Poetry Kit Festival 2015. The first event of the festival was held in the library.  Maureen was invited by the festival organiser Jim Bennett, the renowned Liverpool poet, a friend of many years standing (he featured her in ‘Caught In The Net’, September 2013). I went as Maureen’s guest and we both read.  The atmosphere was so relaxed and friendly, and it was a great pleasure to meet Jim along with the other poets performing, all of whom were excellent.  Definitely a highlight of our week.

SATURDAY – Erddig, Wrexham:  Apple Festival 2015.  We love this historic country home, now owned by the National Trust, with its fascinating past, numerous treasures and beautiful grounds.  The blazing sunshine of the week had given way to clinging mist, not that anyone let this put them off!  The place was packed out, there was an excellent swing band, and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves hugely.  We were with Cross-Border Poets, led by Robbie Burton.  Maureen and others helped children write poems, and we both performed in the afternoon poetry reading.  Good fun but rather shivery!


With the weather so gorgeous for most of the week, we concluded each of our three jaunts up the Wirral with a walk along the Old Quay at Parkgate, where Nelson visited his mistress Lady Hamilton.  We enjoyed ice creams.  And we discovered the best fish-and-chips we’d ever had in our lives!


Here’s a recent wee poem of mine…



Gold, fire,

autumn tints the swell.

Upstream a cormorant surfaces,

then dives again.


As surely as the cormorant,

we will rise.


Copyright © Paul Beech 2015


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  1. Sounds like a wonderful week. Life can surprise you when you least expect it.

    Patricia :o)

    • Thanks, Pat. Yes, it was an amazing week. Hard work though. We enjoy public readings, but one after another after another…phew! Our Parkgate interludes provided the perfect respite. Such a gorgeous place, Maureen and I wandering the Old Quay hand-in-hand, curlews and oystercatchers in the saltmarsh serenading us with their strange music at sunset. Pure joy. Pure magic.

      My very best to you Stateside.

      Take care,

      Paul :o)

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