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Autumn Offerings…

October 11, 2015

I love every season for its special magic, don’t you?  Here are a couple of my recent autumn offerings, wee poems both.  Hope you like them…




Cornflowers, poppies,

berries of red, orange and black,

three crosses bright on a tall brick wall.

This mellow season

is for coming to terms,


and moving on.




Divine radiance

the warrior-poet cocooned,

wise blue eyes aflame…

Hearts and swallows gravel-drawn

his bodhrán becomes a heartbeat.


Copyright © Paul Beech 2015


From → Poetry

  1. It is magical when a few words can conjure up so many thoughts.
    I played a bodhrán in a cozy pub in Howth and for a brief moment I too was Irish.

    • Hi Pat, I was captivated by the bodhrán when I heard it played in Callander by a certain kilted warrior-poet. There was something magical in the gentle rhythm as tipper flicked skin. He made it look so easy, so natural. Impossible to put a beat wrong, he declared. Hummm, not sure about that, but I’d loved to have had a go. I envy you your Irish moment in that cosy Howth pub.

      Take care,


  2. I love both these wee poems, they may be wee, but they say a lot. xx

    • Maureen, how happy I am, always, when you like my work. I love yours too, Goodness I do! Uniquely charming on the page, so much feeling behind the words, your poetry is wonderful in performance too. No one can wow an audience like you.


      Paul xxx

  3. These two “wee” poems are both truly gems, Paul. “Hearts and swallows gravel drawn,” is a stroke of genius, I think, for all it conjures. A delight to read this October morn….

    • Dear Cynthia, coming from such an amazing poet, your praise for my wee poems means so much. To have them described as “truly gems”, well…

      Thank you for making my day!

      Very best wishes from North Wales,


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