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An Early Present

November 22, 2015





Rain through platform lamplight


drumming the shelter roof,

jewelled web atremble,

as we await the train to Lime Street,

a ballet on at the Empire tonight,

Le Corsaire,

an early Christmas present to each other:

pure joy.



Paul Beech




Based on the poem by Lord Byron and performed by the English National Ballet, Le Corsaire was simply superb and very much appreciated by the lively Liverpool audience with thunderous applause and many a whoop or whistle.

I’m no expert on ballet but had the perfect guide in Maureen, a former dancer with the Irish Theatre Ballet.  Our heads are still spinning with it all – the swashbuckling drama with pirate captain Conrad desperate to free his love, Medora, sold by a slave trader to the Pasha; the wonderful music and sensational dancing – Conrad’s slave, Ali, virtually flew!

A grand night it was, to be sure; a night we’ll never forget.


Copyright © Paul Beech 2015

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  1. And what a wonderful ballet, Le Corsaire, wonderfully performed by English National Ballet. And what special company I had sitting next to me, my darling Paul.


    • Maureen, darling, always for us the pas de deux of life, my Nureyev to your Fonteyn.

      Love Paul xxx

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