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Down the Local…

February 20, 2016

I’ve just had a poem accepted by the American online and print journal 50 Haikus. I’ve penned many a flawed haiku, striving and striving to strike the right note, something closer to the traditional Japanese.  Maybe this time I’ve pulled it off.  I’m delighted anyway and will celebrate with Maureen.  I think a drink and game of pool down the local will be in order!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Here are three of my other haiku…


a lonely brook

forest leaves float by

first lanterns lit




sea-mist through tall trees

logs against tumbledown shed –

we sip red wine




bright stars Blutack held –

a little constellation

of love



Paul Beech



Copyright © Paul Beech 2016


From → General, Poetry

  1. Dear Paul,

    Congratulations!! Love reading your offerings, as I am sure everyone does. Love is a wonderful thing, it makes us glow, and you are definitely glowing. :o)

    • Thanks, Pat, so lovely of you. Yesterday in Chester, shopping done, Maureen and I visited a café. We sipped our drinks at an upstairs bay-window overlooking the windy, rainy street, watching the procession of brollies below. It was magical, as every moment is for us. And maybe a poem will come of it; we’ll see.

      Take care,


  2. Great to read the news Paul, congratulations – very exciting to see that you are being rewarded for your beautiful work. Speaking of which I do love the three that you’ve shared here, especially the first that holds some magical imagery.

    • Thank you so much, Mary. I guess with haiku I’m trying to do with words something akin to what you do so wonderfully well with charcoal or graphite – capture a moment in nature, or rather my human response to it. The difference is you pull it off every time!

      Fond regards,


      • You are very kind Paul, but you just don’t see all those drawings or paintings that were well lets just say weren’t working! Thank you. To be able to write, as you do, is a real pleasure for me to read – I’m really glad you share your work in this forum.

  3. Thanks, Mary, I’d post more of my work here but unfortunately once a piece has been published, even on a blog such as this, most magazine editors will not touch it. Much of my recent work is withheld for publication elsewhere, including a short story and a longish poem written in the last week or so, both on the theme of refugees.

    I love your splendidly atmospheric charcoal drawing ‘Serengeti Sunset’ and have posted a comment on your blog.

    Tomorrow I shall be off to Galway with Maureen for a couple of days – very exciting!

    Fond regards,


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