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May 8, 2016


A couple of happy snapshots from earlier this year:




Waxy warm chandeliers.

Nine old codgers with pints;

they burst into song as one,


rich with the passion of years.






Wild black ponies

with white manes of spray,

the river in frenzied spate.


A single apple core,

my chewed-over dreams,

bobbing, bobbing,





Have a great Sunday, everyone. 


Copyright © Paul Beech 2016




From → Poetry

  1. Fabulous writing Paul. In Spate reminds me of picturesque horse ranches seen here in the TX countryside ~ I hope your dreams are not chewed over, but only beginning.

    • Thanks Mary. Don’t worry: my dreams are very much alive! It was exciting, standing there with the raging river below, a scene inspiring dreams and equine imagery as I chewed a red apple then watched the core whisked away on the powerful current to disappear under a bridge – bobbing, bobbing, gone!

      Enjoy your artwork and take care,


  2. Beautifully vivid imagery, Paul, in both “snapshots”….to me, more than any photograph could ever convey.

    • Thanks Cynthia. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but I think this a simplistic view. I believe all the arts complement each other and multi-media projects are good. Maureen has had poems gorgeously illustrated on posters. And, along with other Chester poets, we’ve both produced work for a current collaborative venture with a composer, who will write music to be performed at a festival in the summer. Exciting stuff!

      My very best,


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