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Twin Dakotas: poetry and prose

June 28, 2016

“As a lad I dreamt of becoming a writer like Conan Doyle or Ian Fleming, a poet like Dylan Thomas or Louis MacNeice. Well, so much for that!  But I do have a book out now, this first collection of my poetry and prose, Twin Dakotas.  And I’m very pleased.  I’ve been writing seriously for 44 years, so it’s been a long time coming.”

So runs the opening paragraph in the Introduction to my book. It isn’t quite out yet, it’s going to the printers, but shouldn’t be long.  I’ve had work published in magazines, journals and anthologies but this will be my first solo book, and I’m very proud that it will be coming out from Cestrian Press.

Twin Dakotas is arranged in seven sections, each combining poetry and prose – Nature, Times Past, Historical, Displacement, Later Life, Contrasts and Young Ones. And I’ve dedicated the book to the memory of my wonderful parents, Bert and Elsie Beech, with love.  The title piece, a prose-poem, is about them.

Soon I will have to arrange a launch – very exciting! I will post updates as and when.

Paul Beech


Copyright © Paul Beech 2016

  1. Congratulations Paul! I know your book will be successful because you write from your heart and soul. It seems this past year has taken you to a wonderful place of peace and love. Bless you, keep well and much success. I will be looking forward to reading your book. I hope it will be available in Kindle. Yes, Kindle, I never thought I would like it, but, it turned out to be so convenient I have succumbed to it. Please let me know when your book is ready for purchase. :o)


    P.S. Please say hello to Maureen for me.

    • Thanks, Pat. Yes, the past fifteen months, here in Wales, have been particularly fruitful for me, poetry-wise. I’ve had to withhold much of my better work from the blog for consideration by editors but many of these pieces, such as ‘The Old Majolica Bowl’ and ‘Clandestines’ (a poem and flash fiction story respectively, both about refugees), will be found in my book. Purchase details will follow in a future post.

      I so appreciate your friendship and support and will be delighted to say “Hi” to Maureen for you!

      Take care,


  2. Congratulations, Paul.

  3. maureen Weldon permalink

    Paul’s first book TWIN DAKOTAS is wonderful! I have watched him put this book together, the stories and poems in their varied subjects reflect over forty years of Paul’s writing life. It represents Paul. I am very proud to be his partner.

    • And I’m proud to be your partner too, my darling Maureen. Your creativity. Your compassion for people. Yes, so proud. Your example fires me up, always. Thank you for your constant encouragement, and for bringing me out in the poetry world.


      Paul xxx

  4. Congratulations, Paul! I’m super excited for you and cannot wait to get my copy. Hopefully you’ll autograph it for me.:-)
    All the best to you and Maureen!

    • Gosh, Lita, to think that after 40-odd years of writing, I’ll soon have a book of my own out! Yes, my dear friend, I shall be delighted to inscribe a copy of ‘Twin Dakotas’ for you.

      Take care,


      PS: Maureen says “Hi”.

  5. I’m so sorry that I missed this announcement Paul – I’ve been on and off blogging for a couple of months and hope to catch up. This post is very special and awesome news – congratulations. A long time coming and I’m sure will garner a lot of attention, as your writing is beautiful. All the best ~

    • Dear Mary, this afternoon, at the Wirral Festival of Firsts, I shall be reading from my book and selling pre-launch copies. ‘Twin Dakotas’ is the realisation of a dream stemming from childhood and represents the greater part of my adult life as I remember clearly how, when and where every poem and story was written. I’m thrilled of course but feel quite emotional too. Bringing out this, my first book, will be an unforgettable experience. Hopefully there will be more books in years to come but none will ever eclipse ‘Twin Dakotas’ in my affections.

      Very best wishes,


      • Looking forward to reading about this special day. Best wishes for a very successful read and launch.

  6. Thanks Mary. Sunday was a scorching summer’s day and the Festival’s Poetry Fair was held in the seaside town of Hoylake, at a community centre overlooking the beach. I was first up, proud to be reading from my book, ‘Twin Dakotas’, for the first time. And it seemed to go down well, to judge by the applause. Of course I displayed a poster advertising the official launch on 11th August.

    Afterwards, at the Chester Poets bookstall, I sold the first copy of my first book to David J. Costello, the brilliant Merseyside poet from Wallasey.

    My partner Maureen’s reading went well too and we later enjoyed a stroll on the prom with ice creams. It was a good day.


  7. I have just finished reading Paul’s book on poetry and prose. “Twin Dakotas”

    I have taken my time reviewing this book because it is so beautifully written. You can’t help but read the poems and prose over and over. Each time you do your feelings will soar in a different direction.
    I have finally decided that my favorite is “Twin Dakotas”. However it was a tough decision because I loved each and every poem and prose.
    Paul takes you down the path of his life in such a beautiful way, you want to stop along the path and savor every single word.
    It will stir every emotion that you posses but in a beautiful way. You will want to re-read this book many times.
    Kudos Paul!!!

    Warm Regards,


    • Dear Pat,

      Thank you so much for this, the first review of my debut collection of poetry and prose ‘Twin Dakotas’. You are such a good and honest writer that your praise matters to me hugely, enabling me to feel that my creative labours over the greater part of my adult life have not been in vain. I feel humble and proud at the same time, if you know what I mean, and certainly want your review up front here, on Grandy’s Landing, so will post it now.

      Hoping you escaped the worst of Hurricane Matthew, warmest regards,


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