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And I joined in with an egg!

August 13, 2016

We only ever get one first book launch. And for Mike Penney with his brilliant poetry collection Where Silence Deepens, and me with my collection of poetry and prose Twin Dakotas, it was a long time coming, over forty years of serious writing for us both.  And, by gum, we enjoyed it!

Our shared book launch in Chester on Thursday night, so wonderfully compèred by my partner Maureen Weldon, was truly amazing, exceeding even our wildest dreams.

What a venue! Built in 1622, and named after King Charles I, who stayed nearby during the Battle of Rowton Moor on 24th September 1645 (which he lost to the Parliamentarians), Ye Olde King’s Head on Lower Bridge Street is reputedly one of Britain’s most haunted inns, with thirteen resident ghosts!  And our large upstairs room, complete with stag’s head on the wall and suit of armour in the corner, was packed out with a guesstimated 45 people attending.

Mike accompanied me on guitar as I read my title poem ‘Twin Dakotas’, about my dear mum and dad, Bert and Elsie Beech, whose memory my book is dedicated to. Maureen, on mouth organ, played ‘The Sound of Silence’ and ‘Both Sides Now’.  Mike played and sang his song ‘Visitation’ with Maureen singing along and hilariously performing character parts.  The poetry and music went so well together.

And following our readings and a concluding address from Kemal Houghton, our publisher at Cestrain Press and Chair of Chester Poets, I joined in with an egg (of the rattly, musical variety) as Kemal on guitar, accompanied by Maureen on maracas and Mike on spoon-and-bottle, performed his very lively and liberated song ‘Fly’ to great applause.

It was quite a show, great fun for us up front and obviously much enjoyed by our audience too, and was followed by book sales and signings. Thanks for manning the stall, Caroline.

Thank you to all who came and made the evening so special for us. A big hand from us to you.  And thank you to the licensee, management and staff of Ye Olde King’s Head for use of your room – you were great!


Copyright © Paul Beech 2016

  1. Congratulations to all of you and much success with your book. :o)

    • Thank you so much, Pat. Much appreciated.

      ‘Twin Dakotas’ contains selected works written over the last 40-odd years, so represents the greater part of my adult life, a huge investment in emotion and experience. Hopefully there’ll be more books in future years but I doubt any will eclipse ‘Twin Dakotas’ in my affections.

      My very best to you Stateside.

      Fond regards,


  2. What a gala evening…that’s how poetry should be brought out— and taken in…with music, fun, delight. Congratulations on a successful launch, Paul.

    • Thank you so much, Cynthia.

      Mike’s poetry and mine, so very different in style, complimented each other perfectly, the music was great and Maureen did a fantastic job of presenting the event. So a very good evening it was indeed: an evening with a bubbly, celebratory feel to it – yes! And I’m sure everyone enjoyed it hugely. Maybe the ghosts did too!

      My very best to you, and fond regards,


  3. Your launch was truly done in grand style, a wonderful evening that I can see was enjoyed by everyone! So happy to hear of the success, congratulations Paul on your first book launch!!

    • Thanks, Mary. I shall be reading from ‘Twin Dakotas’ at many future events but know that for as long as I live that night at Ye Olde King’s Head will always stand proud in my memory, such was the thrill of my amazing first book launch.

      My very best to you in Texas,


      • It’s all about loving what you are doing – it is so evident in the mood of your words. Pretty awesome Paul!

  4. maureen Weldon permalink

    Paul, your success is my joy!

    • And so for me with yours too, my darling Maureen. Right now I can’t wait to hear the final version of Mike Robinson’s orchestral piece inspired by your wonderful poem ‘Evening at Parkgate’. The first version, opening with your poem, and with the saltmarsh sounds of oystercatchers and redshanks in the background, was hauntingly beautiful. Aye, your every success is my joy too.

      Paul x

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