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September 11, 2016

It was a long drive to Callander, around 300 hundred miles, but we made it with only a couple of comfort breaks on the northbound motorway, and the small Scottish town, famous as “Tannochbrae” in the original Dr Finlay’s Casebook TV series, was gorgeous as ever with the River Teith winding through, the Crags towering above and the sun shining.

King’s Bookshop was packed out with poets when we arrived in the early evening but such was the air of friendship and so brilliant, so uplifting, the poetry that, weary as we were, Maureen and I were fairly buzzing when our turns came to read.

Playing harmonica between her poems, Maureen went down a storm as always. She was a hard act to follow but I did my best, reading from my newly published collection Twin Dakotas, and received strong applause and even a cry of “Good man!” from the aisle.

It was great to meet up with friends. And the whole of the Poetry Weekend, so wonderfully hosted by Sally Evens and husband Ian, was amazing.  Gosh, such talent!  The quality of the poetry was truly exceptional.

Thank you, Sally and Ian, for all your hard work and generous hospitality in putting on another fantastic Poetry Weekend. You were great.

Paul Beech

Copyright © Paul Beech 2016

  1. I read this post a few times and in my minds eye I was there enjoying the music and words that flowed like magic in the air.

    When your book arrived I quickly opened the package. First I want to thank you for your generous gift and the lovely inscription that you wrote, it humbled me. To think that I can write stories that are a part of me and have another person enjoy the words leaves a feeling of unexplainable joy.

    I started reading immediately and I am taking my time and savoring each poem and prose.
    I will post a review as promised when I finish reading your book Paul but right now I am to busy enjoying your words in quiet splendor.

    Regards to you and Maureen,


    • Thank you, dear Pat, I’m so glad you like my book.

      My Mum and Dad’s “Twin Dakota” clocks hang over my desk here in this little corner of the UK. And how amazing it is, how humbling and joyous, to know that the words I pen, usually by the first light of day, can touch a heart an ocean away, in Florida USA.

      Your blog, ‘The Writer’s Desk’, is one of my favourites on the web, and to be reviewed there will truly be an honour.

      My very best always,


      Best from Maureen too.

  2. maureen Weldon permalink

    Callander Poetry Weekend was indeed fantastic, the standard of poetry so high, thought provoking and all so enjoyable, and all these hours of listening and sharing and friendship due to Sally Evans editor of Poetry Scotland and her husband Ian who have for some 18 years hosted this amazing poetry weekend. But one thing for me in 2016 was the sheer joy of hearing my darling Paul reading from his first book and how they enjoyed his words. Congratulations my Paul. From your Maureen xx

    • Thank you, my darling Maureen. Amazing it was indeed, with such a wide range of brilliant poetry, so well read by all. And what a service to poetry it is, the annual Callander Poetry Weekend, so wonderfully hosted by Sally and Ian. It was a dream-come-true to read from ‘Twin Dakotas’ this year, my first collection. And a joy to see how well YOU went down with your poetry and harmonica. Such applause! I was so proud of you.

      From your Paul, with love xx

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