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Twin Dakotas – First Review!

October 14, 2016

Here is the first review of my debut collection Twin Dakotas: poetry and prose, recently published by Cestrian Press.  It’s by Patricia Salamone, who regularly comments on my posts here.  Pat is an American author whose blog The Writer’s Desk is one of my favourite places on the web.

To say I’m chuffed would be an understatement – I’m positively glowing! Now, in a humble/proud way, I can feel that my creative labours over the greater part of my adult life have not been in vain.


Pat’s review:

I have just finished reading Paul’s book of poetry and prose, Twin Dakotas.

I have taken my time reviewing this book because it is so beautifully written. You can’t help but read the poems and prose over and over.  Each time you do, your feelings will soar in a different direction.

I have finally decided that my favourite is ‘Twin Dakotas’. However it was a tough decision because I loved each and every poem and prose.

Paul takes you down the path of his life in such a beautiful way, you want to stop along the path and savour every word.

It will stir every emotion you possess but in a beautiful way. You will want to re-read this book many times.

Kudos Paul!!!

  1. It was my honor Paul. I keep your book on my desk so it is close at hand for me to enjoy over and over. Thank you.

    • And thank you, Pat! I’ve forwarded your review to my publisher, Kemal Houghton, Cestrian Press. I’m sure he’ll be pleased as punch too!



  2. I also posted it on my blog and FB and have received likes and comments already.

    • Dear Pat,

      Sunday morning has arrived dark and rainy here in North Wales but your review of ‘Twin Dakotas’ cheers me like the sun of our glorious summer past. Heartening it is, too, to think of my book residing on your desk for dipping into. And I’m delighted you’ve posted the review on your blog and FB.

      Many thanks for everything,


      • It was my pleasure and an honor to have you as a friend. We may never meet face to face but we have met soul to soul like kindred spirits.
        It is dark and rainy on this side of the pond today too but that does not stop the rays of sunshine that peek out at me from you wonderful book that sits upon my desk.
        Thank you for your generosity and my regards to your Maureen. :o)



  3. Hello Paul,
    An excellent review from a writer who I know to be very honest with her readers.
    Shalom aleichem,

    Dear Pat,
    An excellent review. Now I want to read the book and it is on my TBR list at Goodreads.
    Thank you for convincing me with your words.
    Shalom aleichem,

  4. Hello again,
    Paul, I did not find you on Goodreads. Are you on Goodreads as an author.
    Shalom aleichem,

    • Hi Pat and welcome to my blog.

      Truthfully I hadn’t thought of joining Goodreads. Thanks for the nudge!

      I’ve been writing since the early 70s, trying to fit it in between family duties and the demands of my career in social housing (helping the homeless, etc). But it’s only latterly, retired now, that I’ve been able to do much about getting my work out there. I’ve been in various anthologies and so on but ‘Twin Dakotas’, newly published by Cestrian Press, is my first solo book, a selection of my poetry and prose.

      I’m so pleased you’d like a copy and if you’d kindly email me with your postal address on I’ll get back to you.

      Very best wishes from North Wales,

      Paul Beech

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