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December 11, 2016

Maureen and I recently enjoyed our Chester Poets Christmas bash at a canalside pub in Chester called The Lock Keeper. After the meal we sat in a circle and took turns to read poems, which Kemal Houghton (our Chairman) recorded for broadcast on Vintage Radio’s Poetry Roundup programme over the Christmas weekend – he’s the presenter.  The show will air on the internet ( on Christmas Eve 7-8pm and Christmas Day 10–11am, if you fancy tuning in.

My set included the triolet below written following a brother’s winter visit some years ago. The steeple in question belonged to St John the Evangelist’s Church in Winsford, Cheshire.

Hope you’re all well on with your festive preparations and looking forward to the big day. Maureen and I are having an especially busy time of it as we’re in the throes of moving from our wee flat in Shotton to a retirement bungalow a mile up the Dee Estuary from here, in Connah’s Quay, and aiming to enjoy our Christmas dinner there, beneath a well decorated tree with twinkling lights.

Very best wishes to you all.




Landmark, lifemark, the steeple of St John’s.

Pausing, we hear the bells faintly in snow.

Down the chill river, destiny beckons.

Landmark, lifemark, the steeple of St John’s.

Pals all our lives, we’re the lucky ones,

Tramping the valley top, me and my Bro.

Landmark, lifemark, the steeple of St John’s.

Pausing, we hear the bells faintly in snow…


Paul Beech


Copyright © Paul Beech 2016

From → General, Poetry

  1. Hearing the bells faintly in the snow bringing you back in time making your heart swell with lovely memories and joy.
    Beautiful Paul.

    As you pack for the move to your new cottage I know the largest box will be the one with all the wonderful memories you both hold dear safely tucked inside it. They will make the lights on your tree twinkle even brighter.
    I wish you both a Happy Christmas and a New Year filled with love and happiness.

    Warm Regards,


    • Thank you, dear Pat. I’m just hoping my brother tunes in to Poetry Roundup over the Christmas weekend to hear my poem ‘Steeple’. And yes, you’re quite right about the big box of happy memories Maureen and I will be taking to the bungalow. Our move to Connah’s Quay, making a home there together, is a most wonderful thing and you can be sure the golden memories we make every day of our lives will continue to fill our very own universe of joy.

      Very best wishes from us both for the Festive Season and 2017.


  2. Lovely atmospheric poem Paul. All very best wishes to you and Maureen, in your move to your new house. And wishing you both all very best for Christmas and 2017, and thinking of you both, with love, Morelle

    • Thanks Morelle, glad you like the poem. We’re run off our feet at the moment with the move along with Christmas preparations, poetry stuff and whatnot. The bungalow has just been decorated and carpeted and we were there until midnight last night (Sunday) sprucing the place up. We love our new home, which is in a quiet upland spot with bags of fresh estuary air, wide open skies and sweet birdsong. Maureen and I can’t wait for you to visit us there.

      Our very best to you for Christmas and New Year, and love from us both.


  3. That’s a beautifully relaxed and peaceful poem. The form underpins he mood perfectly!

    • Thanks, John, glad you like my triolet. ‘Steeple’ was a happy one to write because of the memory.

      Your poem ‘Out On The Lawn’ is terrific and really resonates for me as you’ll see from the comment I’ve popped on your blog.

      My very best for the Festive Season and 2017,


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