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Wee Poems from a Lost Trail

December 20, 2016

Trawling through my files this morning I came across a couple of wee poems written for a poetry trail that didn’t happen in the end. The proposed trail was for an autumn festival at an historic country home in Wales and the brief was to write family-friendly four-line poems relevant to the venue.  I would have enjoyed writing more but it wasn’t to be on this occasion.  Oh well, I thought I’d give my poems an airing anyway, my wee poems from the lost trail…




Beyond the Great Hall he hovers,

broad wings, spread tail, cat-like mew.

A small movement in the bracken below.

Now he drops like a stone.





Under a full moon

the coachman reins in at the Great Hall

and a proud figure alights.

The Squire is safely home again.




Happy Christmas, everyone!




Copyright © Paul Beech 2016


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  1. Lovely Paul as usual. There is always something in your words that is so soothing. It is like I am hearing your voice softly reading them to all of us. Thank you for sharing.
    Happy Christmas to you and Maureen and all your families.

    Warm Wishes


    • Thank you, dear Pat. It’s a shame this project foundered (I’d have written a poem about the Blacksmith’s Shop next) but I did have poems displayed on a couple of other poetry trails this year, in Gateshead and Poynton, as did Maureen.

      We’re frantically busy at present, hardly time to draw breath, with all the business of moving to the bungalow as well as Christmas preparations – phew!

      Our very best to you and yours for Christmas and New Year.

      Fondest regards,


  2. maureen Weldon permalink

    Short poems can capture and say so much and these two short poems of yours Paul do just that. All my love to you.
    Maureen xxx

    • Thank you, my darling. Your own short poems are magic.

      And how magical it is indeed that we shall be celebrating Christmas in our wee bungalow!

      All my love,

      Paul xxx

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