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Spring in the air

February 6, 2017

I popped out for milk this morning, just as the sun was coming over the chimneypots. And a lovely morning it was too, nippy definitely but with a hint of spring in the air, our feathered friends in fine voice and the first snowdrops out.  Drawing deeply on the fresh estuary air, I thought the following two poems from my collection Twin Dakotas: poetry and prose might be nice ones to post today.  Hope you like them.




Nice morning, soft blue,

cheeky beaks at my window;

the sparrows are back.


Chirpy scallywags

gossiping in the laurel;

quick wings beat the air.


Nice morning, soft blue,

I feel like a boy again.

Aye, the sparrows are back.


Paul Beech






Tangled toads at water’s edge

male mallards vie for a female –

a girl and her granny laugh.


Paul Beech




Copyright © Paul Beech 2017

Twin Dakotas: poetry and prose published by Cestrian Press, 2016

‘Scallywags’ first published in Reflections, Issue 96

  1. Familiar to me but still the words bring sprng to my soul. ☺

    • Thank you dear Pat. How gladdening to the heart is the arrival of spring every year. Maureen and I are itching to get cracking in our small back garden.

      Enjoy your Florida spring.

      Warm regards,


  2. maureen Weldon permalink

    Paul, two of your spring poems ‘SCALLYWAGS’ A poem full of spring, a poem that always makes me smile. Yes early spring has indeed come to Wales.


    Maureen xxx

    • Thanks, Maureen. Aye, ‘Scallywags’ is one of my own favourites too, a poem that somehow connects me to my Lancashire childhood in the 50s, when I discovered a love of birds and identified with Jack in Enid Blyton’s thrilling ‘Adventure’ series, the lad who went around with Kiki the parrot on his shoulder.

      Must put our bird boxes up soon!


      Paul xxx

  3. I enjoyed both of these Paul, but Scallywags especially – that’s a real gem!

    • Thanks John, must confess I’m rather fond of ‘Scallywags’. It was one of those rare poems that come easily – I could almost say it flew onto the page!

      My very best,


  4. Dear Paul – I don’t know if you have heard about an anthology I am putting together in aid of charity. You can read more about it here:

    I would like to invite you to contribute your poem Scallywags. If you might be interested, do email me and I’ll send you more info. bennisonbooks (at) gmail (dot) com

    Thank you 🙂

    • Dear Bennison Books,

      Thank you for the invitation.

      I’ve had a look at your website and should be delighted to donate my poem ‘Scallywags’ to such a brilliant charity project as The Book Bus poetry anthology.

      I will email you for further details.

      My very best wishes,


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