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April 11, 2017

Some weeks ago, in January through to mid-February, Angela Topping the poet ran a series of daily Hygge features on her blog. In her Call for Submissions, she explained that Hygge is “the Dutch term for cosiness, intimacy and taking pleasure from simple things.”  However the poems didn’t have to be all sweetness and light.  “I am interested in the darkness and how poetry can shine a light in dark corners,” she wrote.

Each feature focussed on a different aspect of hygge and presented poems that complimented each other with a great introduction and photograph. The series illustrated how variously hygge may be found and the wealth of work within the genre, comprising in effect a fascinating online anthology.  Thank you, Angela.

Maureen and I had two poems each published in the series. My first was a newly written haibun included in Hygge Feature Number 8, Outdoor/Indoors, and was based on observations walking beside the Shropshire Union Canal (“The Shroppie”) seven years earlier, on Boxing Day 2010…


It’s Boxing Day, noon. And down “The Shroppie”, a mile below Bunbury, a solitary narrowboat lies trapped against the bank in ice and snow.  The boatman, a cheery soul, chops logs.  Only the fragrant woodsmoke from his boat’s stove mars the dazzling white.

Now a large hare scurries, skidding, over the frozen canal with a buzzard in pursuit. They vanish from view but a thin cry will plague our snuggling boatman until taken by a good malt, curtains drawn.

in the golden glow

of a log fire

jugged hare is served, amen

Paul Beech


Dear Readers, please note that I will be offline shortly for a little while whilst our computers are being installed in our new home. I will reply to any comments when back online again.

My very best to you all,




Copyright © Paul Beech 2017


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  1. maureen Weldon permalink

    Writing or reading a Hygge is a lovely way to feel an inner warmth on a freezing cold Winter’s day. Yes I enjoyed taking part in poet Angela Topping’s ‘daily Hygge features.’ And it was specially nice to be published alongside Paul.

    • Thank you Maureen. It was lovely to be published alongside you too, my darling. Your ‘Midnight Robin’ in Feature #13 is a delight. And your ‘Killins Lane’ in Feature #23 is a little gem – how often we’ve walked along that “very old lane” beneath “trees with ivied feet”. Aye, pure magic, as with everything we do together.

      Love always,

      Paul xxx

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