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May 18, 2017

Gosh, I see it’s been over a month since my last post, ‘Sub-Zero’! Maureen and I have been offline for most of this time but our computers are now connected at our new home and we’re trying to catch up on our huge backlog of emails.

So much has happened in the interim. I’ve turned 70.  Maureen and I have done another joint guest spot on Vintage Radio’s Poetry Roundup.  Maureen, a former professional dancer with Irish Theatre Ballet under the legendary Joan Denise Moriarty, has also given a brilliant talk on ‘Ballet in Ireland’ at a major Wirral poetry venue, First Thursday at Linghams booksellers, Heswall.  And my son has got married, a very happy family occasion.

So now I’ll pick up where I left off with ‘Sub-Zero’ on 11th April.  Below is the second of my poems published on Angela Topping’s blog, in her Hygge poetry Feature Number 26, titled ‘Homemaking’ like my poem…




Gulls tumble screeching

in the raw estuary blow

as we pop the radio on.


There are those who frown still

but here on our windy Welsh hill

we’re making a home together.


She bends to the curtains

as I open a flatpack

resinous wood-tang wafting.


Berlioz, Mahler, Miles Davis:

hours fly in the sheer joy

of making,


her needle and thread

my screwdriver and mallet

in harmony.


On the fence outside

a robin sings

his winter song.


We’re done:

her beautiful curtains hung

my chest of drawers looking good.


Come the spring

we’ll plant our small garden

and maybe fresh smiles will bloom.


Paul Beech


Copyright © Paul Beech 2017



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  1. Congratulations on your move. Love the poem. For me, the words are overflowing with happiness. Wishing you both the best. Also a Happy Birthday Paul and congratulations to your son and his bride. Please say Hi to Maureen for me.
    As far as the weather all I can say is Brrrrrrrrrrrrr.

    Fond Regards,

    Pat S. ☺☺☺

    • Dear Pat, great to hear from you as always. Yes, it was a busy, bustling, happy time moving in. We still have quite a bit of getting-straight to do, but we’ll get there!

      I’ll never forget the new Mr and Mrs Beech sitting in the open back of their white Land Rover wedding car outside the church, glasses of bubbly in hand. They’re sunning themselves in Mexico now!

      So glad you like my poem; I’m rather fond of it myself!

      Hope the weather picks up for you Stateside. It isn’t bad here in North Wales – mostly sunny days bright with blossom; the evenings often chilly though.

      Fond regards from me, and Maureen says “Hi!”


  2. Lovely domestic, happy images!

    • Thank you, Betty, and welcome to my blog. Just had a quick look at yours, ‘Seasonings’, and very much liked what I saw. Will visit again when I have time to saunter, pause and savour.

      My very best,


  3. Congratulations on your move and all these other activities! You sound a very well organised couple. I like the poem too.

    • Thanks, John, so glad you like the poem. Our wee hillside bungalow is a delight but you wouldn’t think us very organised if you could peek inside now, with crates of books everywhere, and pictures waiting to be hung! Ah, the joys of homemaking!

      My very best,


  4. Lita permalink

    Hey Paul, congrats on your and Maureen’s move. Also on your son’s wedding. I also moved recently. I hope all is going well with the new home. Best wishes.
    Enjoyed the poem by the way.

    • Hi Lita, thanks for this – always great to hear from you. Glad you like the poem.

      Hope your house move has gone smoothly; I’m afraid ours has kept us busy for months and we’re not done yet!

      Hope your writing is in full swing too. Is there an active poetry scene where you’ve moved to? Maureen and I are always on the go with Chester Poets and Cross-Border Poets. Your Victorian-style poem ‘The Late Blooming Violet’ intrigues me and I hope you find a good publication to place it with.

      The weather here is glorious at the moment but of course everything is overshadowed by the dreadful suicide-bombing in Manchester on Monday night. So many innocent lives cut short by a terrorist. So many terribly injured too. Our hearts go out to all their families and friends. And our resolve is only strengthened.

      Take care and let’s catch up soon.


  5. Paul, sorry I have been missing your writings we’ve had a lot going on. I wanted to offer my congratulations on the move, sounds like you guys are very happy, a second congratulations on turning 70 very cool (I turned 60 last week), wonderful that you have a new daughter-in-law and oh my Maureen has a very colorful and interesting background. You two sound happy and content ~ I love your latest poem celebrating your new life!

    I haven’t been around because my Mom has some memory issues and for a while now my family and I are in the middle of making future plans for my parents and dealing with the sad every day occurrences of this disease. I am fine, just a lack of time to putting into blogging these days – although at times I continue to do some art to keep the creative light on. Once things settle down I’ll find a routine and be back to blogging. I haven’t disclosed on my blog for privacy reasons. Thanks Paul for being present. My best to you and Maureen!

    • Dear Mary, lovely to hear from you as always and I’m delighted you like my poem.

      Yes, my partner Maureen Weldon, nowadays a widely published, popular poet and the Welsh representative at Terra Poetica, the international poetry festival held in the Ukraine in 2014, was formerly one of the twelve original members of the Irish Theatre Ballet, Ireland’s first professional ballet company established in 1959 by Joan Denise Moriarty, Ireland’s ‘First Lady of Dance’.

      Congratulations on your 60th last week. I remember when I turned sixty visiting a World War II ‘Home Front’ exhibition in Llandudno and rather cheekily asking for a concessionary ticket on account of my new senior citizen’s status. I was rather miffed when it was issued without a blink; I was fully expecting to be asked for proof of my age! Oh well, 60 is the new 40, as they say, and 70 the new 50!

      So sorry to hear about your Mum’s condition. My own dear Mum was similarly afflicted in old age, so I know exactly what you’re going through.

      I’m always glad to see your new artwork as your style particularly appeals and your blog is one of my favourite places on the net.

      My very best wishes – take care,


      Maureen sends regards too.

      • Thank you so much Paul for your kind words – it’s a road none of us want to take, but will be there every step of the way for my Mother.

        Loved your story of when you turned 60, so funny, around here it is usually age 62 or 65 depending on the establishment for getting those wonderful discounts. I’m thrilled to say I’ve got a couple of more years.

        My best to you and Maureen for a wonderful summer, with plenty of good writing and readings! Take care, Mary

  6. Thanks again, Mary. My debut collection ‘Twin Dakotas: poetry and prose’, published by Cestrian Press last year, is dedicated to my wonderful late parents, Bert and Elsie Beech. And the title piece, a prose-poem, is about them in old age. Reading it, I’m always filled with emotion and know audiences are moved too.

    Maureen and I will be reading next tomorrow night with a couple of dozen other local poets at an event called ‘All Hands On Deck’. It will be a special broadcast from Port Sunlight on Vintage Radio, the purpose being to raise funds for this Birkenhead-based community radio station as they badly need a new mixing deck. Copies of ‘Sunlight Poems’ (an anthology we’re both in) will be on sale, hopefully with other merchandise, during the Intermission. There will also be a raffle.

    Maureen and I like to do our bit for good local causes.

    Fond regards,


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