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Indra’s Net

July 15, 2017

My partner Maureen Weldon and I are both very proud to be included in this wonderful anthology, knowing the proceeds will be going to ‘The Book Bus’ charity promoting child literacy in the Third World.

And what a good feeling the title Indra’s Net will always give me as it was suggested by the amazing American poet Cynthia Jobin, one of its contributors, who was such a generous commenter on my blog Grandy’s Landing before passing away in December 2016.

Maureen and I have now ordered our copies.

Indra’s Net: all profits to The Book Bus charity

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing this here. You may be interested to know that Indra’s Net has been in the top ten bestselling anthologies on Amazon UK since it was published 🙂

    • And thank you for everything, Bennison Books.

      We have copies to hand now, gorgeous in Kristina Burgess’ cover and a delight to peruse. ‘Indra’s Net’ is an anthology Maureen and I are both so proud to be in, knowing all profits will go to ‘The Book Bus’ charity to aid child literacy in the Third World.

      Yes, gratifying it is indeed that ‘Indra’s Net’ is doing so well on Amazon. We will treasure the book always.

      Very best wishes from us both,

      Paul Beech

  2. Hello, Paul. You recently visited my blog, word pond, where you liked a haiku translated to English from the original Japanese by Fay Aoyagi, at her great site, Blue Willow Haiku World. , So, here I am discovering your Grandy’s Landing and already finding your poem, Shag Tobacco, which gave great pleasure.

    I wrote a 40+ pp book of haibun entitled “Indra’s net” in 2003. It was published by bottle rockets press and quickly went out of print. Since then I have made it available free to read at this Scrib’d link:

    You may enjoy a few of these, dear haibun neighbor.

    warm regards,

    Donna Fleischer

    • Thanks for this, Donna, and welcome to my blog.

      I got up early this morning to read your haibun collection ‘Indra’s Net’ and would agree with Stanford M. Forrester’s comment, in his Introduction, that it “captures and entangles the reader, pulling him or her down into one’s self.”

      With such amazing, cutting edge work, it’s hard to pick a favourite piece, but I’ll go for ‘Rabbit in the Grass’ because it reminds me of happy times past working on a novel in my 35-foot caravan at Talacre on the Point of Ayr, famous for its rabbit warren, haunted lighthouse and dunes, home to the rare Natterjack Toad. Sadly I had to sell the van for financial reasons and my novel, a thriller called ‘The Petrie Consignment’, remains unfinished though extracts will be found here on ‘Grandy’s Landing’ under ‘Novel’. Maybe someday I’ll get back to it…

      I love poetry and prose equally, so much enjoy writing haiku, senryu, haibuns and flash fiction. My flash ghost story ‘Wiggy Vann’ was published in ‘Three Drops from a Cauldron, Samhain 2017’.

      My very best,


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