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Powys, Poetry and ‘Failed Haiku’!

August 2, 2017

My partner Maureen Weldon was guest poet at Pat Edwards’ poetry evening ‘Verbatim’ in Welshpool on Monday evening last week (24 July 2017). And what a great evening it was, friendly and welcoming with wide-ranging poetry of high standard; nibbles and drinks too!

Maureen, a former professional ballet dancer, is a natural when it comes to performance, and they loved her, the applause thunderous. Mind you, I didn’t do too badly myself when I read four of my poems from the open floor.

It was our first trip to the Welsh county of Powys; the countryside was beautiful with copses between the rolling hills, and the summer sun gorgeous. We spent the night in the village of Guilsfield, which we enjoyed exploring the following morning.  I composed a haiku in the lovely old church and recited it to Maureen from the pulpit!  Later we visited historic Powys Castle – a truly wonderful medieval brick castle, perfectly preserved, stuffed full of treasures, with beautiful gardens – before heading home.

One of the pieces I read at ‘Verbatim’ was my sequence poem ‘Curlew Sunset’, which I’m delighted to report has just been published in Mike Rehling’s wonderful journal of English senryu, Failed Haiku ( 

Cheers, Mike!

Copyright © Paul Beech 2017

  1. Well done my friend, both you and Maureen, Hope you are having a wonderful summer.


    Patricia, ☺☺

    • Thank you, dear Pat. Aye, a grand summer we’re having indeed, though already there’s an early-autumn feel to it. We’re very busy on the poetry front, with always new material to write and submit, readings to prepare for and give. But we wouldn’t have it any other way – we love it!

      With very best wishes from Maureen and I, fond regards,


  2. maureen Weldon permalink

    To Paul my wonderful Partner, a huge congratulations on the publication of your poem ‘Curlew Sunset’ published in Mike Rehling’s journal of English senryu.
    Yes ‘Verbatim’ Welshpool was an outstanding poetry evening, one I think we will always remember.

    From Your Maureen xx

    • Thank you my darling Maureen. I wrote the poem in experimental mode and was thrilled when you thought it brilliant. Your support means everything to me.

      You truly wowed your audience at ‘Verbatim’ and yes, our first trip to Powys was pure enchantment and we’ll treasure the memory always.

      Your Paul xxx

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