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Horseshoe Pass

August 12, 2017

A couple of times last autumn, after visiting Llangollen, home of the annual International Musical Eisteddfod, in Denbighshire, North-East Wales, Maureen and I took a run up the Horseshoe Pass, a stunningly beautiful mountain pass rising to a height of 1,368 feet. On neither occasion did we quite make it to the famous Ponderosa Café at the top (we hope to do that soon), but I was inspired to write a short poem…




sheep roam free,

this high pass dark we drive

cheerfully fearful


sheep roam free

skylarks sing

choughs party mid-air,

this high pass bright we drive

gleefully brimful


sheep roam free,

this high pass gold we drive

quietly grateful


Paul Beech


Note: The Horseshoe Pass, Denbighshire, is known as Bwlch yr Oernant in Welsh (“Pass of the Old Stream”).


Copyright © Paul Beech 2017


  1. maureen Weldon permalink

    Great memory of a great day, The Horseshoe Pass. A stunning and beautiful place and of course made more stunning by sharing it with you my Paul. Also of course I love the poem.


    Maureen xxx

    • Thank you, my darling Maureen. Gosh, how good it was… Glorious in the sunny daylight with skylarks singing high and, oh, those sweeping views! But spine-tingling in the dark with sheep around every bend, claiming the road as of right. We must have another crack at it soon, whilst we have the weather, and maybe lunch at the Ponderosa…

      Paul xxx

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