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North of the Border

August 26, 2017

With under a week to go until we’re off to Scotland again, Maureen and I are busy preparing for, and greatly looking forward to, the Callander Poetry Weekend 2017 (1 – 3 September) hosted by Sally Evans and husband Ian at King’s Bookshop.

I’m down to read on the Saturday evening. On the Sunday morning, Maureen will give a talk interlaced with poetry about ballet in Ireland.  And what a great time we’ll have for sure, in such wonderful company, in this gorgeous little town, the “Gateway to the Highlands”.

It’s a good feeling, being part of something like this, and following last year’s Callander Poetry Weekend I attempted to capture the flavour in a short poem. Here it is:




We press on,

the sky frowning now

as wind turbines between mountain slopes

threaten Scotland’s proud raptors.


Three hundred miles weary,

adrenaline bright,

we squeeze into a bookshop packed with poets

to be carried aloft

on winged words

and fly a few of our own.


We do well,

we both do,

and returning to my seat

a warm hand takes my shoulder

in tartan friendship.


Paul Beech


Copyright © Paul Beech 2017


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  1. Reblogged this on The Writers Desk and commented:
    Come visit an old friend of mine. The author of “Twin Dakotas” Paul Beech.

  2. It’s great to hear from you Paul, have a wonderful time at the Callander Poetry Weekend. Give my regards to Maureen. I am sure both of you will delight the crowd. Safe trip.

    Warm Regards,


    • Dear Pat, thank you for your lovely comment – and for the reblog! I’m delighted my wee poem ‘North of the Border’ is out there now on your amazing blog, ‘The Writer’s Desk’. Hope your readers like it.

      As for Callander…aye, how good it is to draw in deep lungsful of the fresh Highland air, wandering this gorgeous little town in the lee of Ben Ledi and the Crags with the River Teith winding through – “Tannochbrae”, as known to viewers of the original ‘Dr Finley’s Casebook’ TV series. Then there’s the friendship of poets, and the brilliant poetry itself.

      Maureen and I love Callander, and a wonderful time we’ll have indeed!

      Fond regards from Paul

      Maureen sends best wishes too

  3. Really nice!

    • Thank you so much, Jennie, and welcome to ‘Grandy’s Landing’. I’ve had a quick peek at your blog, ‘A Teacher’s Reflections’, love it, and will return for a leisurely saunter when I get the chance. I note your interest in children’s stories – Snap! I’ve written a few myself (posted here under ‘Stories for Children’) and would like to do more.

      Very best wishes from North Wales,


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