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Halloween 2017

October 31, 2017

Jack-o’-Lanterns at the ready, here we go again, folks…Halloween…All Hallows Eve…Samhain!

Aye, and many a young witch, zombie, monster and ghoul will there be out tonight, trick or treating, as bonfires blaze and fireworks crackle.

I’m thrilled at having my flash ghost story ‘Wiggy Vann’ in Three Drops from a Cauldron, Samhain 2017. Here’s the opening paragraph to whet your appetite…

A woman in a red beret stands before an ancient oak of great girth with wisps of snow drifting slantwise through its bare boughs in pale moonlight. Vida is a widow though clearly out of mourning now.  She is just back from an evening with Gahan, her first lover since Ken’s untimely demise.  A dozen paces will bring her to Acorn Cottage, her lonely home on the edge of the woods.  But something in the bole of the oak holds her fast as always: the face of Wiggy Vann.

For more about this wonderful online and print anthology of spooky poetry and flash fiction, please follow the link below:

Three Drops from A Cauldron

You might also like to check out my post ‘The Barmouth Ghost’ (see under ‘True Stories’, 15/01/12).

Happy Halloween, everyone!

Yours, Paul

Copyright © Paul Beech 2017

  1. maureen Weldon permalink

    Once again, Congratulations to my darling Paul, may your writing continue to go from strength, to strength.


    Maureen xx

    • And thank you, darling Maureen, for your constant support and encouragement. I wouldn’t have known about ‘Three Drops from a Cauldron’ but for you.

      Your every success is my joy too. How great it was that you won the ‘Second Light Live’ poem-of-the-month competition for June 2017 with ‘Midnight Robin’. How brilliant that Red Squirrel Press have accepted your short poems for publication as a pamphlet.

      Your hand in mine, we’re doing fine!

      Love you,

      Paul xxx

  2. Yes congratulations Paul, your story certainly draws one in! And congratulations too to Maureen for having her poem chosen for poem of the month. You two are clearly having a great time. Yes, miss you both too, hope we can meet up soon, love to you both, Morelle

    • Hi Morelle,

      So glad you like ‘Wiggy Vann’.

      I’ve always had a liking for classic ghost stories, those of M.R. James, Oliver Onions, Saki and so on – certainly not crude modern horror stuff, all blood and guts! So, when Edwin Stockdale ran a workshop for Chester Poets in preparation for editing an anthology about 19th century writers as part of his MA course, I plumped for Sheridan Le Fanu, ‘The Father of the English Ghost Story’. I wrote ‘Wiggy Vann’ to get myself in the mood. My haibun ‘Shades’ about Le Fanu is in the anthology; Maureen has poems in it too: ‘Tatyana – and the Climax of Onegin’ [Pushkin] and ‘Rydal Mount’ [Wordsworth].

      ‘Angels in the Hedgerow’, Edwin’s anthology, will be out from Cestrian Press soon, with a launch at The Lock Keeper, Chester, on Friday 24th November.

      Yes, how good it would be if Maureen and I could meet up with you again soon. We’ll be in touch.

      Love from us both,


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