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July 15, 2018

Dawn chorus two hours past but still too soon for church bells, our Welsh hillside, sweet-scented beneath a sky of purest blue, is still and silent save for the cooing of doves and the limpid song of a goldfinch. And I am irresistibly drawn to a wee poem I wrote in a different time and place, at a different stage in my life’s journey…

Wishing you all a very happy Sunday.




Nice morning, soft blue,

cheeky beaks at my window;

the sparrows are back.


Chirpy scallywags

gossiping in the laurel;

quick wings beat the air.


Nice morning, soft blue,

I feel like a boy again.

Aye, the sparrows are back.


Paul Beech


Copyright © Paul Beech 2013, 2018


First published in Reflections, Issue 96.

Included in the author’s collection Twin Dakotas: poetry and prose (Cestrian Press, 2016).

Subsequently published in Indra’s Net (Bennison Books, 2017).


From → General, Poetry

  1. maureen Weldon permalink

    It is a beautiful poem.

    All my love,
    Maureen xxx

    • Thank you, my darling Maureen. Writing ‘Scallywags’ somehow reconnected me with my long-ago Lancashire boyhood, a time when there seemed to be so many more sparrows about. I was always interested in birds and loved my cobalt blue budgerigar, Billy. He was quite a little chatterbox!

      How glad I am that we’re now members of the RSPB. We must visit Burton Mere again soon.

      All my love,

      Paul xxx

  2. I enjoyed this, Paul. Delightful!

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