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The Pole

February 25, 2020



I could do it,

I could walk along the pole,

the old telegraph pole

that lay on the ground.


Arms wide for balance,

one foot gingerly placed

in front of the other,

grandchildren following,



I could walk the pole,

the old telegraph pole

on the ground.


Half-covered in moss

and fallen leaf,

the pole is rotten now,

yet still I glimpse

their nimble spirits



Paul Beech


First published in the author’s collection Twin Dakotas: poetry and prose (Cestrian Press, 2016)



Copyright © Paul Beech 2015, 2016, 2017, 2020


From → General, Poetry

  1. That’s nice Paul: tender without being sentimental, and I like how it plays with time.

    • Many thanks, John. Glad you like it. I shall be going over to see my youngest granddaughter on Friday. It was this that prompted me to post ‘The Pole’. Mind you, nearly 10 now, she’s more into iPad activities than outdoor stuff these days! Those pole-walking days are history. Fondly remembered though.



  2. This was lovely and nostalgic

    • Thanks Padmini, much appreciated. ‘The Pole’ was written in 2015, before my swerve into haiku and related forms.

      Maureen and I have been invited as special guest-poets to the opening of a new venue by an Oswestry poetry group called WOW. The event will take place on 3rd March. Maureen is to give a workshop, do a reading and play her harmonica. I’m to give a talk on haibun and read some of my own work. Should be fun!

      Just hope the weather improves for our journey – it’s pretty wild here at the moment with snow, sleet and hail.

      Take care,


      • That is great. Good luck on your speech and wishing all success to Maureen for the workshop.

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