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Thank you, NHS!

March 27, 2020

At 8 pm last night, Thursday 26th March 2020, Maureen and I, standing under our front porch in Pentre Halkyn, joined in the nationwide round of applause to thank our wonderful NHS for the tireless work they are doing to combat the Covid-19 pandemic and relieve suffering.

Three cheers for all you amazing doctors, nurses and other staff!  We are truly proud of you.

Paul Beech

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  1. Maureen Weldon permalink

    Yes our wonderful NHS, I feel we can never praise them enough and all those who are working so hard to help us all to get through this very difficult time.
    To Paul with my love,

    Maureen XXX

    • Thank you, my darling Maureen.

      Clapping our hands sore with others doing likewise all along our mountain road, knowing millions more would be clapping too, the length and breadth of the UK, was a sort of release, wasn’t it? A release of lockdown frustration and Covid anxiety in one hugely heartfelt expression of thanks to our wonderful NHS.

      How very valued they are, each and every one of those dedicated health workers.

      With love,

      Paul xxx

  2. Yes, they are magnificent and under incomparable stress on our behalf. We too joined with our neighbours in applause down here.

  3. I might add: so very glad that the UK has a national health service. It will always be imperfectly managed and funded (how could we expect otherwise from a human institution?) but year after year it shows perfect dedication to the common good.

  4. Thanks John,

    Great to hear you were out there clapping too.

    With Covid-19 on the rampage, thank God for the NHS! Notwithstanding its problems over the years, it is still a great institution, and its caring staff, so desperately hard-pressed currently, are showing truly heroic dedication to duty in battling this invisible killer to save lives.

    Take care of yourself and stay healthy,


  5. Hello Paul, That is true. The health care workers, doctors and nurses are doing their best all over the world. Kudos to them. Hope you and Maureen are well and safe.

    • Thanks Padmini,

      Yes indeed, kudos to all those wonderful healthcare workers the world over for doing their level best under the most appallingly stressful conditions, and at risk to themselves, to save lives during this Covid-19 pandemic.

      Maureen and I are fine. But being over-70s, we’re not allowed out of our home under the Government’s emergency restrictions. Fortunately we have a couple of kind volunteers to do our shopping for us.

      Hope you and yours are safe and well too.

      Look after yourselves,


      • Thank God for the volunteers. Take care and stay safe.

      • Thanks again, Padmini, I couldn’t agree more.

        Our next nationwide “Clap for Carers” will take place this Thursday evening, 9th April, at 8pm. And you can be sure that Maureen and I will be clapping our hands sore to thank not only our brilliant NHS staff but also our lovely volunteers as well.

        Stay safe,


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