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Charlotte Digregorio’s Writer’s Blog March 26th, 2022

March 26, 2022

Hi folks,

It’s always a thrill to have a poem on Charlotte Digregorio’s brilliant Writer’s Blog.  And I’m delighted to report that today she is featuring my triolet ‘Box Brownie’.

One day back in March 2014, I found an old brown case that had been gathering dust in a dark corner.  I opened it and pulled out the camera I had as a Lancashire lad in the late ‘50s.  It was the first camera I’d ever owned, a Kodak Brownie Flash II, and I made good use of it.

The funny thing was how familiar it still felt as I ran my fingertips over its black leatherette skin.  Looking through the viewfinder for the first time in over half a century brought a lump to my throat and sent me in search of old albums…

The result was ‘Box Brownie’.

Below is a link if you’d care to check it out.  Please do.

A Triolet by Paul Beech (Wales) | Charlotte Digregorio’s Writer’s Blog (

My very best to you all for Mothering Sunday tomorrow.

Take care,


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  1. Paul, I enjoyed this very much! Brought back my own memories, taking pictures with an old box camera back in the 50’s.

    I’ve been inactive here on WP for a couple of months but thought of you today when reading about the return of the “oldest breeding female Osprey in the UK” to her nest in Wales. It’s in Glaslyn Valley and she’s called “Mrs. G”. Her mate is Aran. Have you heard of this Osprey couple? I’ll be watching the live streaming nest camera. All so fascinating! I understand why you’re an avid birdwatcher.

    • Many thanks, Betty.

      What a happy coincidence that, an ocean apart, we were both snapping away with box cameras back in the ‘50s. And making memories we treasure today.

      Fascinating to hear about the osprey couple, Mrs G and Aran. I’ll check them out now.

      Have a great Sunday and take care,


      Maureen, my partner, sends best wishes too.

      • Paul, my best wishes back to Maureen! Please tell her thank you. I’ve been inactive here for so long – am behind with everyone.

        Hope you can find something on the Osprey couple there. Mrs. G is apparently world renowned! She and Aran migrate and she just arrived back to their nest 2 days ago and is no doubt eagerly awaiting Aran’s arrival. I never knew there were so many streaming bird nest cams around the world, which is a godsend to me since I can’t get out to do any real bird watching.

        Hope you and Maureen are enjoying spring there, and that you’re able to enjoy lots of birding this year!

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