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TANKA (“wrapped in a blanket”)

September 25, 2022

Hi folks,

On this very still, very quiet Sunday morning, here on Halkyn Mountain, hardly a bird stirring yet, the estuary below mostly sandbanks now, at low tide, I feel the time is right to share a rather poignant tanka of mine.  It concerns one of my younger brothers, the one I’ve sometimes referred to in my writings as “Kid Bro”.

Once a brilliant, prize-winning inventor in the television field, he now has Alzheimer’s and is in a care home down south.  I ring him often and visit from time to time, when I can.

My tanka was published in the August 2022 issue of Blithe Spirit, Journal of the British Haiku Society edited by Caroline Skanne (my partner Maureen also has a tanka, a gorgeous one, in this issue).

Have a great Sunday everyone, and take care.





wrapped in a blanket

against the spring chill

my brother sips sweet tea

i sing a song from childhood

and his eyes meet mine


Paul Beech

Copyright © Paul Beech 2022


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