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My latest haiku on brass bell

August 14, 2022

Hi folks,

It’s a sweltering Sunday, here on Halkyn Mountain, the heatwave upon us again, the temperature set to soar into the 30s°C.  Phew!  Fortunately we have spring water in the fridge and a good little fan whirring away.

A good day, I thought, to post my latest on brass bell: a haiku journal, curated by the wonderful Zee Zahava.

Take care, everyone, and stay cool if you can.


June issue, one-line haiku:


feathers fly fresh seed in the feeder


July issue, sound / no sound:



the dog who lost its bark

finds it again


August issue, water haiku:


(i)  gulls squawk

     the river flows on

     beneath the castle ruins

(ii) the rock pool crab

     meets me eye-to-eye

     I back off

Paul Beech

Copyright © Paul Beech 2022


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  1. clivebennett796 permalink

    Great summery haiku Paul. Keep that iced spring water flowing. We could do with some here 😅

  2. clivebennett796 permalink

    Hi Paul,

    There are some lovely poems in brass bell – I’ve just spent an idle hour reding through some of the issues. Your haiku pop up quite a lot 😊. Maybe I should try submitting – though I’m pushed to come up with the 30 – 40 every couple of months or so! I can’t find any submission guidelines – can you help?

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend – before the predicted floods and power cuts early next week.

    All the best to you both


    • Hi Clive,

      Many thanks for your comments.

      The weekend heat was pretty fearsome with Maureen and I suffering nasty insect bites into the bargain! We’re not looking forward to the predicted storms either.

      Yes, ‘brass bell’, curated by Zee Zahava, is one terrific haiku journal. Submissions are by invitation only and contributors are asked not to forward them on as Zee is anxious not to become overwhelmed with a high volume of responses.

      You’re a terrific haiku poet yourself, Clive, and I’d love to see you in ‘brass bell’. I could perhaps contact Zee on your behalf but would need to share your email address with her.

      Best always,


      Maureen sends best wishes too.

      • Bad luck about the insect bites, both of you. I hope nothing serious.

      • Thanks again John.

        We had a couple of outdoor parties to attend, went in the evening to avoid the worst of the heat, and picked up the insect bites instead!

        Itchy – so itchy! But Maureen’s have gone now. And mine are calming gradually with loads of ointment slapped on.

        So – not very serious, thank goodness!



      • That’s good. Thank heavens for ointments!

  3. These are fun Paul, and witty. You obviously enjoyed the challenge of composing in response to a theme.

    • Thanks John,

      You’re right! And it’s a good job I enjoy the challenge. The ‘brass bell’ curator, Zee Zahava, in sending out her submission invitations for the coming month, allows us only a very few days to get our work in. We don’t know the theme in advance. And we’re requested to send several poems (max 10), so she has a choice.

      Talk about a tall order!

      So pleased you enjoy my haiku. I call the funny ones “fun-ku”!



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