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‘Lark Skies’: Poetry Kit Book of the Month

October 13, 2015

A bit of good news this morning.  Lark Skies, our Chester Poets anthology celebrating poets of the First World War, has been chosen as Book of the Month on Jim Bennett’s wonderful website The Poetry Kit.

I believe we Chester Poets produced our best work with great pride, so it is gratifying indeed that the book has been given a 5-star rating and described as “a fitting tribute to the poets of WW1.”

Naturally I’m delighted that Maureen’s THOMAS KETTLE 1880 – 1916 and my STALEMATE (about Charles Hamilton Sorley 1895 – 1915) have been chosen as Outstanding Poems, along with Marigold Roy’s THE LAST ROAD (about Francis Edward Ledwidge 1887 – 1917) and Katy Konrad’s RUPERT BROOKE 1887 – 1915.

You will find the Poetry Kit review at

Paul Beech

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  1. Great news and a good review! Congratulations!

    • Thank you very much, Kim. Writing about those brave poets of the First World War, we came to know our subjects so well that we felt an emotional connection and grieved for those who died. I’m sure all who read our book will be moved too. Oh, the pity of war…

      My very best wishes,


  2. Congratulations to all of you. Much success :o)

    • Thanks Pat – we hope that our book will help ensure that those brave poets of the Great War will never be forgotten.

      Fond regards,


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